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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 8of13

Vergil couldn't stay away for long, something demanded he returned. Something felt wrong.

He made quick work of the demons and rushed back.

Before Vergil ever stepped into view of the inn he smelt the tears. Angry and worried he vanished, flashing to Mia's grandmother's bedroom. If Mia was shocked he appeared, she didn't show it. She threw herself into his arms and cried against his chest. "She-she's-" She tried to explain through sobs that racked her body.

"I know, Sweetheart." Although the human's couldn't, Vergil could smell the death in the room, they probably just found her like this. "I know."

He rubbed her back, holding her close. Vergil scanned the room where various workers cried from the loss. Mia shook so badly from grief Vergil was worried she would physically fall apart.

After a long minute Vergil sent to workers away, giving Mia to Mrs. Gabby. He handled all arrangements. The next day Mia was able to whisper soft opinions on what her Grandmother would have preferred.

"Vergil, we don't have the money for all of this."

"I do, Sweetheart, I'll take care of it." Vergil has been leaving money on the bed in his room for his stay since even the first night he stayed. He had plenty of money that he had never bothered to use but would help Mia very much.

Vergil kissed Mia awake on the day of the funeral where she would cry more, clinging to him. The love this one old woman had accumulated was astonishing, he briefly wondered if someone would cry over his own death. Would Dante, who he grew up with? Would Mia? He knew the answer to one of those questions.

Vergil had closed the inn that day, the memorial service was held there. He had spent hours flipping through old photo albums and hand picked every photo. He considered putting a picture of Grandma up from when she was young, the 'Glory Days' but then he remembered her face and her spirit. The woman may have gotten old but she never left her glory days, he put up a picture from Mia's birthday where she was laughing, her eyes sparkling.

"Vergil, it's beautiful." Mia breathed.

"She wouldn't want so much sadness. Remember her as she was." The woman, although he only met her a handful of times, meant more to the half demon than he thought.

Everyone laughed through the nights, remembering the spirited old woman and her brash kindness.

Mia curled into Vergil's naked chest. "Hey Stranger? How did you know to come back when you did?"

He didn't have an answer to that question. "I honestly don't know. I felt something was wrong."

She gasped over-dramatically. He loved that she was so… her. "'Tis a sign from the heavens!"

"To a demon? I doubt that."

"When- when will you be leaving?" She sounds scared, tried not to but failed.

Vergil sighed, "I should leave now, but I will stay a while, just to help you get back on your feet."

He could feel her smile as she snuggled deeper into his chest.

Vergil wondered how much longer he would stay. He wanted power. He wanted what was destined to him by his father. He wanted to never be weak again.

He didn't want to leave her. Mia was quickly consuming every thought and it was getting harder and harder to concentrate without her.

Our poor Demon-boy tried so hard to resist love... Sigh. Anyway I am sorry about the feels but Vergil obviously went through a lot before he got to the point where he got captured by Mundus and the such.
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