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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


-Spartan Obstacle Course
-Athens Full Marathon
-Half Marathon (Completed! Disney Half and Princess Half every year since I was 13, sometimes twice a year, plus Alaska Half Marathon)
-Flag Staff Extreme (An obstacle course in Flag Staff, AZ that looks super awesome!)
-Color Run (fun but not necessary to die happy)

-Write a Book! (To be published) (Began! A Cheshire Cat story- Wonderland)
-Draw (Complete) a comic (Will be my novel)
-Write a complete Fanfiction (Completed! Vergil'sHuman- Devil May Cry video game fanfiction)
-Fan-based (To have my characters cosplayed or fanfiction written about them, my friend did a little fanfiction but that doesn't count, thanks Carol!!)

-All 50 States
-Germany (Where I was born)
-Rome (ART!!)
-Paris (Duh.) (Go now that I'm old enough to remember)
-New York City
-Washington D.C.
-An Abandoned city/town/area (I'm really not picky here, just want to see abandoned industrial being taken back by nature) (Can technically mark thins off while I was in Alaska but I want more!)
-Explore A Real Castle!

-Fall in love
-Get married (Dance with dad at wedding)
-Have kids
(These things should be way more likely than they are right now...)

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