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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stop an Excuse Before It's Used (Yeah, Right...)

Hello my little Dandelions!

Now before I get started on this 365 Create-A-Day Project I would just like to drop a little rant/back story here. I find it important because I am sure it will come up in my "excuse for why I suck and did not Create That Day" post (which is forever looming over me.... dun duh DUUUUH!!) Only certain people will actually understand where I'm coming from though.

(Pst! You can skip the italics if you want)
Anyway I want to mention I have a large family. I am the first child born to my mother (my dad has a son from a previous relationship who I have since disowned, if you're curious, ask.) I am 22 and I have a younger brother at almost 21 (this terrifies me because in my head Brandon is still like...12!).

Now here is where it gets choppy. When I was 11ish (6th Grade) I made a friend. This friend (Elizabeth) came home with me and never left. Bam. Adoption. (Again, ask if you are curious.) She is 22, like me. Then we ACTUALLY adopted my twin sisters (10).

Whew... did you actually read that confusing stuff? Crazy. Anyway, we are a VERY creative family and as such there is some odd unwritten rule saying Don't Step On Your Siblings' Territory! Note the bold, us kids used to feel very strongly about this.

We each have a "Specialty". I am the family-proclaimed Art Expert (Totally flattering but wow the pressure...) I focus on drawing, design and costume. Brandon does clay and Action Figure modifications and Elizabeth does watercolor (and writing but I do that too... you will notice that usually Elizabeth and I are the same person.)

Since childhood we have inched our way into others' Territories and helped each other do it, no harm done (We are really supportive and tight-knit). But when I say I didn't watercolor that super cool new picture it is probably because I am on Elizabeth's territory! Stuff like that.

Anyway! There you go, my confession to an excuse I know I have and am trying to avoid.

~Yours, Majesty

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