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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Day 1 of 365 Days of Creativity: Introduction

This is my first picture! I'm sorry the quality is not that great... my scanner is being a butt so this is actually a picture I've taken from my phone.
These are my Minis. I designed them in high school because I don't really like the look of "chibis" but wanted a simplified representation.
So! On the very right, spazing out is Brandon, then Elizabeth then me. Now a little explaination. My shadow is a boy...who is a bit scary... The story is when I was in the womb my cord split so I was supposed to be a twin. Over the years, because of my traits we have decided it should have been a boy (the development didn't get anywhere as the cord merged). So my brother says I ate my twin. It used to hurt my feelings but I'm over it. Embrace it! But being taken over would make anyone angry, thus, he is scary looking... my fear and shadow. He is Hollow.

Style Change- try your character in 2 other styles! Have fun!!
Style changing practice will most likely be for the next few days, it is insightful practice.


Happy New Years!

Well hello my Pretty Dandelions,
It is officially 2015. The start of the new year AND the first day of our 365DaysOfCreation Project. The first day's theme is Introductions. I'll upload my little drawing in a minute but for now-

I realize it is super blurry, my bad. I have more sugar in my veins than blood so I shake. Woops.
Anyway, I'm the pasty one on the left, my sister Elizabeth is in the middle and my brother Brandon is the guy to the right.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014


-Spartan Obstacle Course
-Athens Full Marathon
-Half Marathon (Completed! Disney Half and Princess Half every year since I was 13, sometimes twice a year, plus Alaska Half Marathon)
-Flag Staff Extreme (An obstacle course in Flag Staff, AZ that looks super awesome!)
-Color Run (fun but not necessary to die happy)

-Write a Book! (To be published) (Began! A Cheshire Cat story- Wonderland)
-Draw (Complete) a comic (Will be my novel)
-Write a complete Fanfiction (Completed! Vergil'sHuman- Devil May Cry video game fanfiction)
-Fan-based (To have my characters cosplayed or fanfiction written about them, my friend did a little fanfiction but that doesn't count, thanks Carol!!)

-All 50 States
-Germany (Where I was born)
-Rome (ART!!)
-Paris (Duh.) (Go now that I'm old enough to remember)
-New York City
-Washington D.C.
-An Abandoned city/town/area (I'm really not picky here, just want to see abandoned industrial being taken back by nature) (Can technically mark thins off while I was in Alaska but I want more!)
-Explore A Real Castle!

-Fall in love
-Get married (Dance with dad at wedding)
-Have kids
(These things should be way more likely than they are right now...)

Are You Ready?

Holy craps, you guys! You know what I just realized? Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! That means I need to ACTIVELY plan my 365DaysOfCreation!

Seriously though, I am super bad at dates... It's embarrassing.

Also! You know what I wish they had? A "View first post" thing on blogs. (It shouldn't be that hard because there is usually an archive sitting pretty over there but I was on Veronica Varlow's Danger Diary blog and she didn't HAVE an archive... and she has posted for a very long time so since i have to read from first to last this whole process of getting to her first post was extremely taxing...

365DoC: (See that? If you abbreviate like that then it's official)

Elizabeth suggests I do something different every month. This would mean do DifferentStyleDrawings in January, MiniClayWorks in Febuary, and so on. I think this is brilliant but when the mood strikes me I don't was to not do something because it's in the wrong medium...

So the plan is to post a picture of what I did and a list of what is coming (most likely) tomorrow or for the week (or month but lets be honest, I'm not that organized). This is NOT to contradict what I said about Elizabeth's idea. I figure this is just an idea or inspiration.

(Due January 1, 2015) Introductions!
For me this means I will introduce you to My Mini, a little cartoon version of myself that I have used for years now. It is easy, just a 'getting started' Creation. If I (or you) are feeling froggy feel free to go as in depth as you want!

(Feel free to join 365 Days of Creation at any time and do whichever one inspires you or just make your own and maybe I'll do it too! I don't know if you can leave pictures in the comments but links will work too! I can't wait to see your Introductions!)

Questions About Blog Folders


Alright, I am new to this whole 'Blog" thing. I usually see an archieve on the right with folders by date. Is there anyway to make different folders? I guess there wouldn't be...

See, I write a lot and I write more than one story at a time so if I could put stuff in folders I thing readers would like it better (plus it helps my OCD). "Well, I don't want to take the time to read but I like her drawings!" I am okay with that so maybe.... I don't know, I guess I'll just have to title things well.

~Majesty (Jessy works just fine if you'd rather)

Vergil'sHuman 13of13

The problems started in December.

They had found him, various enemies, numerous demons. Most demons were easy to get rid of; some left him bloodier than others. How had they found him? A human? That would be the only way, a human spy. He would sense any demon and smell any demon on a human. This should be impossible. It was so close to when Mia was supposed to give birth and twins were usually premature.

They attacked Christmas morning.

The Inn was mostly destroyed and there were so many casualties. Vergil attacked and defended. He saved countless lives in the town but demons were able to slip past him, there were just so many of them.

Mia stayed in a tucked away place, Mrs. Gabby with her. A demon found them. By the time Vergil got there a second later the damage had been done. Mrs. Gabby was left with a slash across her chest, a fatal blow. Her blood covered 
Mia's shaking body as she clutched the middle aged woman to her, sobbing.

How could this happen? He had been so careful, kept so many defenses! In the end he wasn't strong enough, again.

The snow and below freezing temperature got to them, to Mia. No matter how much he bundled her she wouldn't stop shaking. She was sick. The illness lasted the rest of the month. In January Mia's fragile body gave birth.

Contractions had tore her from her healing sleep. Vergil had the doctor on stand by, other than a strong hand he was completely useless. How could he ease the pain? He had heard child birth was a horrific experience but never this bad. She was crying and he couldn't fix her! Someone had to help his angel!

The doctor's eyes met his as he handed the nurse the first born. No. There was something wrong. He smelled death. His mouth opened when Mia screamed again. He was met with the doctor's instructions. "Push, push Mia!"

Only a few minutes had passed yet it seemed like an eternity. The air was soon filled with the child's desperate scream, weak but determined.

Only one baby screaming. What was wrong with the first one? He needed answers!

"We're loosing her!" Her? Mia!

"Oh no, no! Mia! Baby, come on!" But no matter how much he begged, no 
matter how many breaths were pumped into her lungs Mia was gone. This wasn't possible. This was some nightmare.

It had to be.

Nero. So small and sweet. He had his father's snowy hair but his mother's blue eyes. Yes, Vergil knew his eyes were blue as well but there was something there. Something was shining through Mia and it had been passed down.

Nero. One small wailing baby was all that escaped alive from Vergil's time of happiness. "I cannot protect you little one." He choked back tears and the baby reached for him. "No, I couldn't protect anyone that means anything to me. 
Not you. I will keep you safe, hide you away." He clutched the confused newborn to him. One day, when he had the power he had once given up on, he would come back for the child. One day, maybe, he would be able to see Mia's eyes in his son's happy, safe, face.

Fortuna, a city known for being good, if not a bit strict. He left him with a man in the church-like building with only two instructions: Take care of him and he is called Nero, keep his name.

Vergil made sure his orders were carried out, watched as the information passed. He had to leave, yet the wailing baby called for him, he had cried the instant he was out of Vergil's arms, for his father who left him on a stranger's doorstep. "Goodbye, my Nero, be safe, Love."

I am SO sorry for killing her and one of the babies off! This is why I was avoiding posting this for so long...
I want to make this clear though
2) I am dying to hear opinions, I tried to keep this true to the game's story-line but am willing to write a sort of alternate ending. Should I?
3) An epilogue. Any votes?

Vergil'sHuman 12of13

Vergil's eyes shot open, rather than wake up screaming like Dante had when they were young, Vergil would wake up paralyzed, unable to move or call for help. Dante had shared his nightmares then, had ran to his room and they would lie together, holding hands and willing the tears not to fall. Devil's never cried.

Shaking his head he stood, gazing at his young sleeping wife. Sliding on his pants and grabbing Yamato Vergil left, retreated to the woods, high on a tree to watch the moon. Had Dante waken screaming from the same nightmare Vergil had like they used to? Did he even remember him?

When Vergil had come to Dante as Gilver the boy had forgotten. He had deliberately blocked out the bad in his life. That included his twin.

He wanted to see him again, Dante was so bitter now, angry. Would he welcome him? It was time, he had been married for two months now and Mia so desperately wanted to meet his brazen brother.

Lost in memories Vergil almost missed the sun peeking from behind the vast trees. He sighed before making his way back to the Inn where Mia waited.

"Oh Vergil, I was worried! Welcome home." Mia beamed at him, glowing. There was something different about her lately, she hadn't even noticed it but he had. He just hadn't been able to place it.

As Mrs. Gabby called for breakfast Mia took Vergil's hand and led him to the kitchen where the pleasant smells assaulted their senses. Instantly Mia's hand flew to her mouth and she ran out the side door, barely making it before getting sick.

"Mia?" Vergil was at her side. "What's wrong?" Was she sick? She had looked fine before.

Mrs. Gabby came up from behind them. "I think that settles it, Dear, maybe it's time to tell him."

"Tell me what?" Vergil felt scared, a very rare occurrence for him.

"I know you said you can't have kids but," Bracing a hand on his shoulder she stood, "I think I'm pregnant."
Pregnant. Pregnant? As in with child? With his child? This was impossible. He was a half-breed, a mule, sterile. Pregnant?

"Vergil, honey, you are worrying me. Blink or something." He had been sitting in the room all morning with Mia who was given, forcibly, the day off.

Vergil could only think of one thing. "Pregnant?"

Mia rolled her eyes playfully at him before rising from the bed to the desk chair where he sat, she wrapped her arms around him. "Yes and you can say it a thousand more times, it won't change the facts."

Vergil blinked before looking up at her. A slow smile spread across his face, it bloomed into full fledged joy. "Pregnant!"

Mia's heart stopped, she had never seen a look even similar to this one on his face, not even their wedding day. He was gorgeous. She laughed. "You know, actually I was kind of worried, you seemed like you didn't want to have a family."

Vergil shrugged. "I didn't. I didn't want a family, a wife, a human or to abandon my goal. Instead I met you and you changed everything."

"That is the corniest, sweetest thing I have ever heard!"

"Well I appreciate that." He answered dryly. "I have been thinking and decided, we should probably go," He was loosing momentum, his words fading. "Uh, see Dante."

"Really?" Mia squealed. "Let's go! Pack up!"

"Not now!" He laughed, "After the baby. And I need to go alone first, make sure, we are still," on good terms? They weren't. "Make sure he's okay with seeing me."

"Oh, sweetie." Mia caressed his face. "He'll want to see you, I promise."

The babies were due in early February. There were twins, which are said to be genetic so it made sense. The children weren't even born and they were loved by all. People came from all over the town nearly daily to check on Mia and her growing stomach. Mia was as happy as ever, and Vergil smiled easier than anyone thought possible.

"Vergil?" Mia asked as they got ready for bed. "About names," she trailed off and Vergil turned to face her.

Honestly her emotional imbalance bothered him; he had no idea how to handle her at times. Instead he offered a small smile. "What names were you thinking of?"

"Well, my Grandma was Nera, and that's my middle name and she was so special to me-"

"Nera sounds beautiful, but what of the other one, they are twins."

Mia smiled, bouncing slightly; he loved to see her so excited. "Well I was thinking, if it's a boy we could name him… Dante?"

Vergil gave her a dry stare. "Dante? So that I remember the torture of his idiotic schemes throughout my childhood every time I see my own son's face?"

"Oh Vergil, quit it. He means a lot and, I think, that would be a great name. Or we could name him after you, I just thought that it would make you uncomfortable."

"So two girls will be Nera and Mia. A boy and girl will be Nera and," Glare. "Dante. And two boys will be-"

"Dante and Vergil!"

"No. How about Dante and… Nero."

Mia smiled. "I love that! Nero, that would be great!"

Vergil smiled back, he loved nothing more but to see Mia so happy.

Who saw that coming? I fully support Nero being part of the family and since he was never explained it's up to the fans! (Personally I love the baby name conversation, Mia is so cute and she knows how important the twins are to each other even though they hide it!)