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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


-Spartan Obstacle Course
-Athens Full Marathon
-Half Marathon (Completed! Disney Half and Princess Half every year since I was 13, sometimes twice a year, plus Alaska Half Marathon)
-Flag Staff Extreme (An obstacle course in Flag Staff, AZ that looks super awesome!)
-Color Run (fun but not necessary to die happy)

-Write a Book! (To be published) (Began! A Cheshire Cat story- Wonderland)
-Draw (Complete) a comic (Will be my novel)
-Write a complete Fanfiction (Completed! Vergil'sHuman- Devil May Cry video game fanfiction)
-Fan-based (To have my characters cosplayed or fanfiction written about them, my friend did a little fanfiction but that doesn't count, thanks Carol!!)

-All 50 States
-Germany (Where I was born)
-Rome (ART!!)
-Paris (Duh.) (Go now that I'm old enough to remember)
-New York City
-Washington D.C.
-An Abandoned city/town/area (I'm really not picky here, just want to see abandoned industrial being taken back by nature) (Can technically mark thins off while I was in Alaska but I want more!)
-Explore A Real Castle!

-Fall in love
-Get married (Dance with dad at wedding)
-Have kids
(These things should be way more likely than they are right now...)

Are You Ready?

Holy craps, you guys! You know what I just realized? Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! That means I need to ACTIVELY plan my 365DaysOfCreation!

Seriously though, I am super bad at dates... It's embarrassing.

Also! You know what I wish they had? A "View first post" thing on blogs. (It shouldn't be that hard because there is usually an archive sitting pretty over there but I was on Veronica Varlow's Danger Diary blog and she didn't HAVE an archive... and she has posted for a very long time so since i have to read from first to last this whole process of getting to her first post was extremely taxing...

365DoC: (See that? If you abbreviate like that then it's official)

Elizabeth suggests I do something different every month. This would mean do DifferentStyleDrawings in January, MiniClayWorks in Febuary, and so on. I think this is brilliant but when the mood strikes me I don't was to not do something because it's in the wrong medium...

So the plan is to post a picture of what I did and a list of what is coming (most likely) tomorrow or for the week (or month but lets be honest, I'm not that organized). This is NOT to contradict what I said about Elizabeth's idea. I figure this is just an idea or inspiration.

(Due January 1, 2015) Introductions!
For me this means I will introduce you to My Mini, a little cartoon version of myself that I have used for years now. It is easy, just a 'getting started' Creation. If I (or you) are feeling froggy feel free to go as in depth as you want!

(Feel free to join 365 Days of Creation at any time and do whichever one inspires you or just make your own and maybe I'll do it too! I don't know if you can leave pictures in the comments but links will work too! I can't wait to see your Introductions!)

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Alright, I am new to this whole 'Blog" thing. I usually see an archieve on the right with folders by date. Is there anyway to make different folders? I guess there wouldn't be...

See, I write a lot and I write more than one story at a time so if I could put stuff in folders I thing readers would like it better (plus it helps my OCD). "Well, I don't want to take the time to read but I like her drawings!" I am okay with that so maybe.... I don't know, I guess I'll just have to title things well.

~Majesty (Jessy works just fine if you'd rather)

Vergil'sHuman 13of13

The problems started in December.

They had found him, various enemies, numerous demons. Most demons were easy to get rid of; some left him bloodier than others. How had they found him? A human? That would be the only way, a human spy. He would sense any demon and smell any demon on a human. This should be impossible. It was so close to when Mia was supposed to give birth and twins were usually premature.

They attacked Christmas morning.

The Inn was mostly destroyed and there were so many casualties. Vergil attacked and defended. He saved countless lives in the town but demons were able to slip past him, there were just so many of them.

Mia stayed in a tucked away place, Mrs. Gabby with her. A demon found them. By the time Vergil got there a second later the damage had been done. Mrs. Gabby was left with a slash across her chest, a fatal blow. Her blood covered 
Mia's shaking body as she clutched the middle aged woman to her, sobbing.

How could this happen? He had been so careful, kept so many defenses! In the end he wasn't strong enough, again.

The snow and below freezing temperature got to them, to Mia. No matter how much he bundled her she wouldn't stop shaking. She was sick. The illness lasted the rest of the month. In January Mia's fragile body gave birth.

Contractions had tore her from her healing sleep. Vergil had the doctor on stand by, other than a strong hand he was completely useless. How could he ease the pain? He had heard child birth was a horrific experience but never this bad. She was crying and he couldn't fix her! Someone had to help his angel!

The doctor's eyes met his as he handed the nurse the first born. No. There was something wrong. He smelled death. His mouth opened when Mia screamed again. He was met with the doctor's instructions. "Push, push Mia!"

Only a few minutes had passed yet it seemed like an eternity. The air was soon filled with the child's desperate scream, weak but determined.

Only one baby screaming. What was wrong with the first one? He needed answers!

"We're loosing her!" Her? Mia!

"Oh no, no! Mia! Baby, come on!" But no matter how much he begged, no 
matter how many breaths were pumped into her lungs Mia was gone. This wasn't possible. This was some nightmare.

It had to be.

Nero. So small and sweet. He had his father's snowy hair but his mother's blue eyes. Yes, Vergil knew his eyes were blue as well but there was something there. Something was shining through Mia and it had been passed down.

Nero. One small wailing baby was all that escaped alive from Vergil's time of happiness. "I cannot protect you little one." He choked back tears and the baby reached for him. "No, I couldn't protect anyone that means anything to me. 
Not you. I will keep you safe, hide you away." He clutched the confused newborn to him. One day, when he had the power he had once given up on, he would come back for the child. One day, maybe, he would be able to see Mia's eyes in his son's happy, safe, face.

Fortuna, a city known for being good, if not a bit strict. He left him with a man in the church-like building with only two instructions: Take care of him and he is called Nero, keep his name.

Vergil made sure his orders were carried out, watched as the information passed. He had to leave, yet the wailing baby called for him, he had cried the instant he was out of Vergil's arms, for his father who left him on a stranger's doorstep. "Goodbye, my Nero, be safe, Love."

I am SO sorry for killing her and one of the babies off! This is why I was avoiding posting this for so long...
I want to make this clear though
2) I am dying to hear opinions, I tried to keep this true to the game's story-line but am willing to write a sort of alternate ending. Should I?
3) An epilogue. Any votes?

Vergil'sHuman 12of13

Vergil's eyes shot open, rather than wake up screaming like Dante had when they were young, Vergil would wake up paralyzed, unable to move or call for help. Dante had shared his nightmares then, had ran to his room and they would lie together, holding hands and willing the tears not to fall. Devil's never cried.

Shaking his head he stood, gazing at his young sleeping wife. Sliding on his pants and grabbing Yamato Vergil left, retreated to the woods, high on a tree to watch the moon. Had Dante waken screaming from the same nightmare Vergil had like they used to? Did he even remember him?

When Vergil had come to Dante as Gilver the boy had forgotten. He had deliberately blocked out the bad in his life. That included his twin.

He wanted to see him again, Dante was so bitter now, angry. Would he welcome him? It was time, he had been married for two months now and Mia so desperately wanted to meet his brazen brother.

Lost in memories Vergil almost missed the sun peeking from behind the vast trees. He sighed before making his way back to the Inn where Mia waited.

"Oh Vergil, I was worried! Welcome home." Mia beamed at him, glowing. There was something different about her lately, she hadn't even noticed it but he had. He just hadn't been able to place it.

As Mrs. Gabby called for breakfast Mia took Vergil's hand and led him to the kitchen where the pleasant smells assaulted their senses. Instantly Mia's hand flew to her mouth and she ran out the side door, barely making it before getting sick.

"Mia?" Vergil was at her side. "What's wrong?" Was she sick? She had looked fine before.

Mrs. Gabby came up from behind them. "I think that settles it, Dear, maybe it's time to tell him."

"Tell me what?" Vergil felt scared, a very rare occurrence for him.

"I know you said you can't have kids but," Bracing a hand on his shoulder she stood, "I think I'm pregnant."
Pregnant. Pregnant? As in with child? With his child? This was impossible. He was a half-breed, a mule, sterile. Pregnant?

"Vergil, honey, you are worrying me. Blink or something." He had been sitting in the room all morning with Mia who was given, forcibly, the day off.

Vergil could only think of one thing. "Pregnant?"

Mia rolled her eyes playfully at him before rising from the bed to the desk chair where he sat, she wrapped her arms around him. "Yes and you can say it a thousand more times, it won't change the facts."

Vergil blinked before looking up at her. A slow smile spread across his face, it bloomed into full fledged joy. "Pregnant!"

Mia's heart stopped, she had never seen a look even similar to this one on his face, not even their wedding day. He was gorgeous. She laughed. "You know, actually I was kind of worried, you seemed like you didn't want to have a family."

Vergil shrugged. "I didn't. I didn't want a family, a wife, a human or to abandon my goal. Instead I met you and you changed everything."

"That is the corniest, sweetest thing I have ever heard!"

"Well I appreciate that." He answered dryly. "I have been thinking and decided, we should probably go," He was loosing momentum, his words fading. "Uh, see Dante."

"Really?" Mia squealed. "Let's go! Pack up!"

"Not now!" He laughed, "After the baby. And I need to go alone first, make sure, we are still," on good terms? They weren't. "Make sure he's okay with seeing me."

"Oh, sweetie." Mia caressed his face. "He'll want to see you, I promise."

The babies were due in early February. There were twins, which are said to be genetic so it made sense. The children weren't even born and they were loved by all. People came from all over the town nearly daily to check on Mia and her growing stomach. Mia was as happy as ever, and Vergil smiled easier than anyone thought possible.

"Vergil?" Mia asked as they got ready for bed. "About names," she trailed off and Vergil turned to face her.

Honestly her emotional imbalance bothered him; he had no idea how to handle her at times. Instead he offered a small smile. "What names were you thinking of?"

"Well, my Grandma was Nera, and that's my middle name and she was so special to me-"

"Nera sounds beautiful, but what of the other one, they are twins."

Mia smiled, bouncing slightly; he loved to see her so excited. "Well I was thinking, if it's a boy we could name him… Dante?"

Vergil gave her a dry stare. "Dante? So that I remember the torture of his idiotic schemes throughout my childhood every time I see my own son's face?"

"Oh Vergil, quit it. He means a lot and, I think, that would be a great name. Or we could name him after you, I just thought that it would make you uncomfortable."

"So two girls will be Nera and Mia. A boy and girl will be Nera and," Glare. "Dante. And two boys will be-"

"Dante and Vergil!"

"No. How about Dante and… Nero."

Mia smiled. "I love that! Nero, that would be great!"

Vergil smiled back, he loved nothing more but to see Mia so happy.

Who saw that coming? I fully support Nero being part of the family and since he was never explained it's up to the fans! (Personally I love the baby name conversation, Mia is so cute and she knows how important the twins are to each other even though they hide it!)

Vergil'sHuman 11of13

Vergil stayed in Grandma's old room with Mia instead of the suite he had once claimed as his. The business had picked up and they needed all of the rooms they could get, he would have to build more soon. As he stripped off his jacket and black leather vest he looked over at an also getting ready for bed Mia who hummed softly.

Mia was amazing with kids. She added extra whipped cream or special sprinkles, it was when she was happiest. "You really like children."

The red head smiled softly, "Oh yes. I have always hoped for a large family. I love the chaos and joy. How about you?"

For the first time he felt a stab of disappointment over the situation. He was a half breed, like a mule Vergil was sterile. Although he wanted to marry her he would never be able to give her the family she so desperately wanted. "I have not spent enough time with kids to know. I have always been mature for my age, despising childish antics, mostly because that was all my brother did. He played games and joked, he has never taken anything seriously. I do not think I would do well with children. I can't have any anyway."

"Oh. Well, I think you would do much better than you think." She was convinced of it but the fact he couldn't get her pregnant was an obvious disappointment.

They have been involved for quite a while now and it was no secret they shared a bed as lovers. Vergil had no idea when or how to propose to her. After that bit of shared information he wasn't sure if he should do that to her. She wanted the one thing he could not give her. Tomorrow he would talk to Mrs. Gabby and ask her what she thinks.

"Mrs. Gabby?" Vergil asked. Mia had gone to the store for supplies after much prodding.

The weathered woman turned to him, whipping her hands on her apron. Vergil held out the ring as explanation and that was all that was needed. She gasped 
"Oh Vergil! That's beautiful! I knew you were going to propose! When? How?"

Vergil shrugged, tucking the ring back into his pocket. He was nervous. "I don't know. That's why…. Well, I have a few ideas but-"

As he drifted off Mrs. Gabby smiled. "Alright, tell me what you're thinking."
By the time Mia returned they had the whole event planned. It took his idea, speaking out loud and the love of Mia to send the ball rolling. The whole process was so much easier than he thought it would be.

"But will she say yes?"

As soon as the question was asked to door opened to reveal an annoyed Mia. Instantly she set the few groceries on the table and sat on his lap, hugging him. "Gah! People have no notion of productivity!"

As Mia snuggled to his chest Vergil found his arms wrapped around her. Mrs. Gabby gave him a look, saying he already knew the answer to his question.
Vergil had asked Mia on a date, New Years had come around again. This time he was there for the Christmas laughter and the warm memories despite the snow. On New Years, on the bridge, under the fireworks. That is where he had the whole proposal planned. He even bought new clothes for the occasion; he really should have bought more clothes a while ago but hadn't seen the need.

Vergil buttoned the nice long sleeved dark blue silk shirt, over his black slacks. He had bought Mia a new dress too, It was a thick white dress, accented with dark blue that matched his shirt.

Seeing her dressed like that left him stunned. She had always looked like an angel in his opinion but she looked so amazing!

Noticing his gaze, Mia blushed, he made her feel so desirable.

Vergil led the way. They walked, like they did the first time she took him into town. People were much more… used to him. He couldn't say they were exactly comfortable with his presence but the fear had ebbed.

Vergil took her to dinner first, at a fine restaurant. There wasn't any uncomfortable tension like their first date but he still found himself nervously fiddling.

After dinner they had drifted through the festival grounds. Vergil won her a stuffed animal and helped her with the games she, laughingly, had a hard time with. As Vergil led her out of the festival before the fireworks she had looks at him curiously. "I want to go somewhere." He answered.

They held hands, walking through the lightly falling snow. He brought her to the top of the small bridge, tucking her in his arms and under his chin.

They sat there in silence a while before Vergil smelt the hint of smoke and took the ring from his pocket. Then he almost dropped it as the first fire work went off, lighting up Mia's excited face. He was supposed to fall graciously to one knee and present the ring to her with a speech. Instead Vergil was able to finally get to one knee, causing Mia to look at him curiously. "Mia, I-" He fumbled with the damned ring again before holding it up, feeling nervous and a blush creep to his cheeks. "I, uh, marry me?" He had blurted it out. Abrupt and definitely not romantic. Damnit.

Mia's eyes widened, the barest hint of surprise covered by the most sincere happiness he had ever seen. She fell to the ground to hug him. "Yes yes yes!"

Mia laughed all the way home, clinging to his arm. Vergil was so frustrated with himself. What a bumbling idiot he was! He completely ruined the moment. But she was so happy that she fed his excited heart.

Mrs. Gabby had set up a party, as planned and all of their friends were at the Inn when they arrived. Well, they were mostly Mia's friends but generally claimed Vergil as well. They waited in excited anticipation for Mia to tell but she was laughing too hard and Vergil was too caught up in watching her.

Mrs. Gabby finally spoke up, no longer able to stand the happy tension. "We'll take that as a yes, congratulations my Dear." Then she looked to Vergil as the crowd swam to Mia, talking happily and congratulations. "Well?"

Vergil growled, raking a hand though his hair. "Ugh, it went terrible! All was going well before I actually asked then I just blurted it out like a dumb ass!"

Mrs. Gabby just rolls her eyes and looks to Mia, "She doesn't seem to be bothered by your poor performance."

Vergil followed her gaze and smiled, "No, she doesn't."

Vergil and Mia lay in bed, celebrating their new engagement. She clasped their hands and raised them up towards the ceiling. "This is the most beautiful ring."

"It was Eva's."

"Your mom's?"

Vergil smiled, "Yes, my mom. My father had infused it with powerful protection magic in case there was an attack. He also gave it the power to hide our presence. Demons won't be able to find me just because they catch a wiff."

Mia didn't look as pleased as he would have thought. "But what about Dante, aren't you hoping he'll come looking for you one day?"

Had Vergil been hoping that? "Well, if Dante truly wanted to find me, this ring would do little to prevent it. There is something we can just feel. Once he gets his head out of his ass, please excuse the vulgarity, then he will know that I am on Earth and very much alive."

Vergil'sHuman 10of13

Vergil was gone exactly one month, he couldn't have stayed away longer if he wanted to. During the month he had two main objectives:

One) get the enemies he had made, and there were a lot of them, and get them off his trail. Permanently if possible.

Two) Get his mother's ring. Eva hid it, leaving her sons clues. The ring was special, first of all it was his mother's ring. What was more sentimental than that? Second, his father, Sparda, infused the ring with many different kinds of magic. That was what had kept them hidden for so long.

He found it. The emotion at seeing it again nearly overwhelmed him, but in true Vergil-Form he squashed down the emotions, heading back to the woman, the human woman who he was in love with.

Vergil entered the inn, tense. Something seemed very… off. As soon as he stepped in he noticed Mrs. Gabby in the kitchen through the doorway to his left. 
She looked up, green eyes widening before waving him over, rushing to pull him to the kitchen.

"Mr. Vergil there is really something you need to know-"

Vergil's demon senses picked up Mia's voice- "Look, I am sure you are a very nice man but-"

"I'm your only chance. You are very poor, I don't know WHAT you did to get the money for the few repairs, you have nothing but this old rundown place and… between you and me, everyone knows you are, uh, not exactly deserving of a white gown."

Mia let out a shocked noise of disgust. "Get lost, I already have someone… I, uh, what are you- Hey!"

Instantly Vergil's eyes went red, claws lengthening. He vanished, locking on to 
Mia and planting himself between her and a horrid human.

Then man had dull brown eyes that were devouring Mia through her clothes. Vergil lunged, pinning the weak creature to the wall as the wood cracked under the pressure.

"Vergil!" Mia screamed, running to them and pulling on his arm. "Vergil stop! 
You'll be hunted if you kill him! Let him go!"

Her words barely reached him, slowly he crushed the throat of the toad trying to steal his Mia!

"Don't leave me for some lowlife!" Tears fell down her cheeks as the man's face turned eight shades of purple. "Please!"

Vergil tensed, trying to reclaim sense. She was right; they let him stay because, here, he was peaceful. There would be hunters and mobs, Mia would loose all of her customers so there would be no money and the workers, including her, would suffer. Vergil released the man, dropping him to a heap on the floor. 
"Leave." His eyes still shining red, his voice demonic. The man shivered before attempting to push himself off of the floor and scurry out of the door.

The half demon was still glaring at the door, considering a few clean slices with Yamato when Mia threw her arms around him, burying her head in the crook of his shoulder.

"Who was he?" His voice was cold, the usual tone for anyone but her.

"I knew him when I was young. He's been trying to marry me for years. A bit ago I started to cave. No one else would want me." Vergil tensed under her arms but she finished anyway. "Then about a year ago I refused him instead of putting it off like before. He was rather unhappy and has been more and more persistent." Mia's large blue eyes looked up at him. "Sorry?" She tried a small smile.

Vergil stared at her in silence, his temper now contained. She looked so uncomfortable that he wanted to make her feel better. "So what happened a year ago?" He smirked, cocky.

She glared. "Oh I just met some conceited demon who left every other day so I would miss him." She said, shrugging and trying to step back.

His arms tightened, keeping her pinned to his chest. "Oh? What an ass." Vergil whispered, their lips millimeters apart.

"You have no idea." She smiled, leaning in to him. She mumbled into his lips, "I missed you, Stranger."

Over the past year that Vergil has been on again/ off again, more and more 'on again' lately, business has boomed quite a bit. The lure of seeing a 'demon in captivity' enticed them. When Mrs. Gabby had told him about the rumor there was a good moment of silence before Vergil almost snorted in laughter.

It was true though. More and more people stayed at Mia's inn then a more 'high class inn' further into the city. By now Vergil was almost always helping instead of sitting at his table, which he still did on occasion. The customers would stare at him, most did so very bluntly. They gawked but he never allowed pictures, he refused to be some zoo animal and was already having trouble keeping his patience. They kept their children far away. That was fine with him, he was never good with children anyway.

Mia walked in the kitchen, one hand on her hip the other, pressing a silver serving tray against her thigh. She was angry. "Hey Stranger, the lady at table 
three asked for you." Again!

Vergil smiled, for some reason it made him inexplicitly happy to see her jealous. He walked out to an extremely attractive woman. She tried to make her voice sexy. She just sounded stupid. She flipped her blonde hair back and all he could think is that it was the wrong color. Vergil side-stepped away from the hand she was about to caress his arm with as she asked his opinion.

Vergil headed to the kitchen to deliver her order, repressing a shutter when he noticed Mia. She was trying not to look at him. He smiled before heading over to give her a long kiss.

"H-Hey there, Stranger." Mia whispered, dazed. "What was that for?"

"I just wanted to taste you." Then he left to deliver the order. After that Mia's mood was considerably happier.

I'm not sure I like this chapter, I should probably just take it out...

Vergil'sHuman 9of13

One month later Vergil still hadn't left. He did demon slaying in the forest, keeping everything harmful from the inn. He also preformed a small ritual so that a demon would know who's territory they were in when they got within a certain radius of the place he was slowly calling home and he would sense them faster if they crossed the invisible border. Demon attacks, as a result, were now very rare.

Vergil pounded the last nail into the new roof he installed. Although the building was very loved, it was in poor condition.

"Hey, Stranger!" Vergil looked down, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand as Mia walked into view from the front door. "Why don't you come take a break? I made you a sandwich."

The sunlight played with the highlights in her hair. He vanished from the roof to right beside her.

"So what's next? You've fixed the doors, the counter, and the leaking roof."

He laughed, taking the plate from her hands. "You were talking about adding a few rooms."

"That I was." She reached up on her tip toes to kiss his cheek. She loved it when he started projects. He wouldn't leave until they were finished, which meant he stayed longer. "But then you would have to hire a few people to help you." Mia laughed as he scrunched up his nose at the idea. "Don't be that way, you shouldn't have to do everything yourself."

"But by doing everything myself I won't have to deal with those utterly repulsive creatures." Vergil leaned forward, pressing their foreheads together.

"Yes, heaven forbid you have to touch" Gasp. "… humans!"

He smiled kissing her lips. "That would be a terrible fate."

Mia laughed, lightly smacking his chest, a feat that would leave anyone else without a hand or, more often than not, dead. "Oh go inside and eat!"

Two months later Vergil had finished extending the inn by four rooms, two upstairs and two downstairs across from each other. He was taking Mia to dinner that night, it was a year after they met, their… anniversary.

She was excited, not even bothering to try and hide it. Her honesty and openness was something to be cherished.

Mia wore her prettiest gown, pulling some hair back with her grandmother's gold clip. Mrs. Gabby helped her get ready and calm her nerves. "Sweetie, he is asking you to a date and you two have been clinging to each other for months, he likes you, you don't have to worry."

"I-I know but still… what if I do something stupid?"

"Mia! You will do fine. He thinks you're cute anyway."

Mia rolled her eyes, "Oh great, he's taking me out because I'm a bimbo!"

"You are not a bimbo." The women whipped around to see Vergil standing at the doorway.

"How long have you been standing there? You're supposed to wait downstairs and be aw-struck when she walks down like an angel…"

"She always looks like an angel. Come on, Sweet, are you ready?"

Mia smiled, slightly blushing before taking his outstretched hand. "Thank you."

Vergil led her to his newest investment, a sleek silver sports car. "I figure since I am planning on staying a while then I should get some other means of transportation." Vergil smirked, opening the door.

"Wow, this is amazing!"

Dinner was at an expensive restaurant; Vergil would only have the best. At first it was uncomfortable, both trying not to make a mistake to ruin the day. Soon they fell back into their old routine, easy conversations and gentle teasing.

On their way home Vergil felt Mia's nervousness. "What's wrong?"

"So where does this leave us?"

Vergil smiled over at her, watching her stare out the window, avoiding his gaze. 
Was she still afraid he was using her? Or would leave, never to come back? 
"This leaves us on a new level of… dating. Which, embarrassingly enough, I have never been through. It also leaves me leaving to take care of some business for about a month, then to come back and stay." Forever. He didn't say it out loud but the word hung there in the air between them.

Mia smiled, content with his answer.

Okay, so the DMC timeline is a little weird. It seems more olden day but then you have technology like juke boxes and cars. I just kind of went with it...

Vergil'sHuman 8of13

Vergil couldn't stay away for long, something demanded he returned. Something felt wrong.

He made quick work of the demons and rushed back.

Before Vergil ever stepped into view of the inn he smelt the tears. Angry and worried he vanished, flashing to Mia's grandmother's bedroom. If Mia was shocked he appeared, she didn't show it. She threw herself into his arms and cried against his chest. "She-she's-" She tried to explain through sobs that racked her body.

"I know, Sweetheart." Although the human's couldn't, Vergil could smell the death in the room, they probably just found her like this. "I know."

He rubbed her back, holding her close. Vergil scanned the room where various workers cried from the loss. Mia shook so badly from grief Vergil was worried she would physically fall apart.

After a long minute Vergil sent to workers away, giving Mia to Mrs. Gabby. He handled all arrangements. The next day Mia was able to whisper soft opinions on what her Grandmother would have preferred.

"Vergil, we don't have the money for all of this."

"I do, Sweetheart, I'll take care of it." Vergil has been leaving money on the bed in his room for his stay since even the first night he stayed. He had plenty of money that he had never bothered to use but would help Mia very much.

Vergil kissed Mia awake on the day of the funeral where she would cry more, clinging to him. The love this one old woman had accumulated was astonishing, he briefly wondered if someone would cry over his own death. Would Dante, who he grew up with? Would Mia? He knew the answer to one of those questions.

Vergil had closed the inn that day, the memorial service was held there. He had spent hours flipping through old photo albums and hand picked every photo. He considered putting a picture of Grandma up from when she was young, the 'Glory Days' but then he remembered her face and her spirit. The woman may have gotten old but she never left her glory days, he put up a picture from Mia's birthday where she was laughing, her eyes sparkling.

"Vergil, it's beautiful." Mia breathed.

"She wouldn't want so much sadness. Remember her as she was." The woman, although he only met her a handful of times, meant more to the half demon than he thought.

Everyone laughed through the nights, remembering the spirited old woman and her brash kindness.

Mia curled into Vergil's naked chest. "Hey Stranger? How did you know to come back when you did?"

He didn't have an answer to that question. "I honestly don't know. I felt something was wrong."

She gasped over-dramatically. He loved that she was so… her. "'Tis a sign from the heavens!"

"To a demon? I doubt that."

"When- when will you be leaving?" She sounds scared, tried not to but failed.

Vergil sighed, "I should leave now, but I will stay a while, just to help you get back on your feet."

He could feel her smile as she snuggled deeper into his chest.

Vergil wondered how much longer he would stay. He wanted power. He wanted what was destined to him by his father. He wanted to never be weak again.

He didn't want to leave her. Mia was quickly consuming every thought and it was getting harder and harder to concentrate without her.

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Vergil'sHuman 7of13

By the end of the first week Vergil felt at home. That thought scared him so he chose not to think about it. He pulled Mia into fiery kisses and then to bed. They never had sex but they always woke up to her curled against him in some way and he loved it.

He was supposed to see Mia's grandmother that day, although he would never admit it, he was nervous. He took extra care dressing that morning.

"Come in, dear boy, don't be shy!"

He was cautious and polite, not shy, still he followed her orders and came inside to where she lay on her bed.

"I hear you and my Mia are very close, eh?"

She was his Mia but Vergil chose not to comment, nodding instead.

"And you take very good care of her. The staff even has rumors of her taming you!"

Vergil almost laughed out loud at that before he started actually thinking about it. "I am afraid she has not tamed me, Madam, merely kept me content." And happy. "I do take care of her."

The old lady smiled, her eyes drifting closed. "I can see you care a lot for her, as she does you. In case you do not realize it before my time you have my blessing."

He was genuinely confused. "Blessing? For what?"

"For loving and marrying her."

Vergil stood shocked at the side of the bed as the old lady fell asleep. Love? He couldn't love a human. Not even Mia. But by the mere thought of her and about how he was always drawn to her, needing to see her, he realized the truth.

He, Vergil Sparda, had fallen in his father's footsteps and fell in love with a human.

God help them all.

That night Vergil wiped down tables, distractedly. Mia danced across the room, from table to table, everyone else had already went to bed. He tried to imagine never finding this place, the thought upset him, he would never see Mia, never get a reprieve from his hard life. How could he live without seeing his fiery haired angel?

Despite what Dante may think Vergil was never one for words, actions got the point across much more quickly and thoroughly. He flashed from his spot in the room to where Mia was sweeping with demonic speed. His lips captured hers in a hard kiss that lasted lifetimes.

Mia pulled away, dazed, "Well hi there, Stranger."

Vergil growled at her cute smile, carrying her up the stairs, two at a time, recapturing her eager lips. "I won't hurt you, Mia." His voice was rough, deep, as he spoke in between raining kisses down her face and neck. "Do you trust me?"

Mia moaned, arching herself up in his arms, giving him more access to her soft skin. "Of course I trust you."

Her small fingers buried into his hair, tearing a demonic growl out of him. He set her on the bed, fingers already finished unbraiding her gorgeous hair, started working on her clothes.

-SEX SCENE (A/N: Not sure if I should write this in or not... let me know)-

Mia woke up alone the next morning. Confused she turned over to find Vergil missing... and his clothes… Panic shook her as she bolted up right, sheets clutched to her chest. Her blue gaze landed on Yamato, leaning against the chair. How strange, Vergil never left his beloved sword, she smiled, it was his promise to come back.

Mia pulled on her dress, suddenly intrigued with the sword that never left Vergil's side. She reached out tentatively to brush her finger tips across the hilt.

"You shouldn't touch her." Vergil chuckled as he watched Mia jump, her reached out hand flying to her chest, where the pendent he gave her hung.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that! I could have died of a heart attack!"

Mia sat down on the bed as Vergil placed the tray he was holding in front of her, breakfast. "You called it 'her'? Why shouldn't I touch it?"

"Yes I said 'her'. Yamato is a Devil-arm. A demon spirit trapped in an object and I know for certain she is a woman." He and Dante snuck into their Father's personal Library as children. Vergil had absorbed everything he could get his hands on and told Dante of a spell that would give their weapons human form for a short period. Yamato was most certainly a woman. "That sword exists for the search of power, a normal person, or demon, could not wield such a power hungry blade. It was my father's, I have no idea what effect she would have on a human and I would prefer not to find out with you." He explained dryly.

"But you can use a weapon like that?" Mia asked, biting the cinnamon roll he brought her.

He grinned at her but it wasn't the pleasant smile she had grown used to, it was bitter. "Yes I can use such a weapon. You forget that my only goal in life is gaining the power of Sparda. I need power, my lust for it rivals her's and the blade knows it. I am its true master."

His words hurt her; she was hoping that he would find something else to live for… maybe even her. "But you're taking a break?"

He smiled at her anxious look. "Sorry, Mia, it has been two weeks and I need to return to my search for a while. I have enemies that would love nothing for than to see me with weaknesses. I can't make you my weakness."

He kissed her forehead as she pouted, "So you're leaving today?"

"Yes, but I will return soon. I have to get some eager demons off my trail before returning to you." Before returning home.

Vergil'sHuman 6of13

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Vergil leaned against the kitchen frame with a smug look on his face. The cook, Mrs. Gabby stared at him in wonder. "Of course you can have the day off, cher."

Mia beamed at her before throwing her arms around the portly woman. "Thank you thank you thank you! I need to get dressed, be back in just a second!" Mia ran half way upstairs before running all the way back to throw her arms around a shocked Vergil and running off again.

Mrs. Gabby pinned him with a hard look. "She's a good girl, that one. You'll be taking good care of her." Vergil gave the necessary nod to her useless threat. 
"How did you ever convince her to take a break?"

Vergil passed a small smile. "In my studies I have became a master of multiple persuasion techniques."

Mrs. Gabby looked displeased by what he was implying, as he expected, but wisely kept her comments to herself.

Vergil's gaze swung to the staircase in the kitchen to see Mia come down looking like an angel. Half of her hair was pulled back by a silver clip that was her mother's or grandmother's. Her dress was a baby blue that brought out her gorgeous eyes. She wore a white coat that came to her thighs, the collar and arms holes lined with fur. His snow angel.


He felt like a teenager on his first date… actually this would be his first real date, usually women were simply for carnal pleasures. He nodded.

Mrs. Gabby tsked at him, "Leave the sword, you'll scare everyone and make the evening tense."

Vergil glanced down at Yamato in his left hand, he hadn't even thought about taking or leaving it, he grabbed it out of habit. "Oh." He could easily take care of most demons without his sword, it would just get a tab bit more bloody. "One second." He vanished, using demon skills he had picked up from vigorous training. He reappeared to see a series of shocked faces. They knew he was a demon already, what was the shock?

Mia laughed, "You could have kept it, I know you don't like to go anywhere without it." She was so considerate.

He pulled her to the door, "I doubt we will have any issues."

Mia showed him the city and Vergil realized just how single-minded he was. All he cared about was finding the right books and ever since, finding the inn. The city was quite a bit larger than he realized. She took him to her favorite book stores and to meet everyone she knew… which felt like everybody. Vergil could tell he put these people on edge, smell their worry.

"Are you going to the festival come dawn, Mia?" The old antique store worker asked, 'discretely' moving her away from Vergil's side. Out of maliciousness he put an arm around Mia's shoulders.

Mia smiled up at him, the shop keeper forgotten in her mind and the ulterior motives forgotten from his.


"What?" She turned back to the keeper who released his Mia's hand, "Oh yes! I am taking Vergil, I am sure it has been years since he has gone to one."

The shop keeper looked unpleased as Mia waved, pulling him out of the store. I occurred to Vergil that he should remove his arm from her shoulders but it also occurred to him how perfect she felt.

"My mother used to take Dante and I to the New Year's Festival every year, we used to win her as many things as possible, more as a competition between ourselves."

Mia smiled up at him. "They mean a lot to you."

Vergil was shocked, "Excuse me?" Everyone assumed the twins had both hated each other with a passion.

"Your mom and brother, you love them both a lot."

"What makes you say that?"

Mia looked up to the sky, slightly smiling. "Whenever you have a good memory, it's them you think of. You obviously hold your mom in very high regard. 
Although you say bad things about your brother you still think of him often, remembering good times like you wish you could go back. Plus," she turned to him, "you said you were getting power to protect yourself and him."

He gave her a smile, "I guess I did say that, but we can never go back. We are at war with each other and I am afraid he hates me now. Dante was never one to look at both sides of an argument."

"Why are you at war?"

Vergil cringed, going into a memory he preferred to leave unsaid. "When we were young my mother was killed by demons. We hid Dante away but they were so strong." Vergil let his arm fall from Mia's shoulders and he looked at his hands, seeing his mother's blood. "They slaughtered her and I-I was powerless to stop them. No matter how hard I fought-" He shook his head clearing it. "I need more power. I need to never feel so weak again and actually be able to protect who I care for. To do that I need the demons. Dante wants revenge on demons. Last time I checked up on him he was a freelance demon hunter. We are forever fighting for the opposite side."

"I am so sorry, Vergil. You'll be together one day, just take the time to help heal him, you'll find it heals you too." She winked at him. They walked onto an arched bridge over a small river, standing at the top, against the rail. The scene looked like it was off of a postcard.

"When I was young my mother told us that one day we would fall in love. 
Naturally I scoffed, not with a human I was sure," Mia passed him a haughty look of being playfully offended, "Likewise Dante was sure he would never touch a 'slimy demon'. Mother said blood didn't determine who we were and we were especially exempt. We could go either way, she told us, because we were demon and human." His voice was flat, obviously annoyed with that fact. "She lied of course. Both of us were tormented for being neither. We couldn't fit in anywhere. Dante once told me that it was better that way, that when we finally found the love Mother spoke of then we knew it would be real, for who we are.

He is left alone, when I left it never occurred to me that he would have no one in the world. I was so focused on protecting him that I hurt him more than any demon ever could." He looked down at her, pain in his eyes. "We need each other but are forever being kept away from each other."

"Vergil…" Mia whispered, taking his face in her hands, she pulled him down, standing on her tip-toes to kiss him.

Instantly Vergil took the distraction, putting all of his passion into a kiss for a human, for his Mia. His arms closed around her, pulling him to his chest, feet off the ground before sliding her onto the bridge railing in front of him. He smiled at her squeak of surprise and moaned as her arms clung to his broad shoulders for support. He growled into her mouth, giving her chills. Vergil nipped at her lips as she let out a 'yip'. He drew blood. He eyes flashed red at the taste, claws extending, he tried to concentrate. Blood means she is hurt. Blood means she is hurt.

"Well that look is certainly terrifying." Mia let out a little laugh, not nearly as scared as she should be. She trusted him.

Vergil looked down at her, still holding her lower back for support as she sucked on her lips, the bleeding soon stopped. He did not have quite so much faith in himself as she did, he finally got his eyes and nails back to normal.

"The sun has set, we can head to the festival now!"

Vergil smiled at her before nodding and lifting her back off the railing and onto the floor. "Lead the way." He knew where it was, could smell the gathering of people and the different booths but she seemed so pleased to show him new things. He found himself trying to make her happy.

Mia laughed and Vergil smiled as they visited every booth and talked to nearly every person. "Care to try your luck?"

Mia looked over at the booth for shooting, "I want to try!" Vergil, used to this, let himself be pulled along.

"Three tries, Missy, hit the cans."

Mia stuck her tongue out a little in concentration, then shot, almost hitting the booth man who was on the far side. She missed totally each time.

"No worries, Mia. Guns are barbaric weapons. No man of honor uses them in a fight." Again his thoughts turned to Dante who loved his guns almost as much as Vergil loved his swords.

"Do you say that because you can't use 'em?"

Vergil scoffed, trying not to raise to the offer. Mia could use one more Christmas present. Vergil picked up the gun, facing Mia he shot three quick shots, never bothering to look. "I will show you how to shoot if you would like."

The booth man was flabbergasted. "Y-You never even looked! That's impossible! What are you?"

Vergil turned a hard glare at him. "The winner of your game. Now give the girl the promised prize." Vergil was not one to mess with when he went into 'cold mode'. It had won him a great many of battles, allowed him to think through any situation and conquer.

Mia giggled, gathering the stuffed pink elephant and Vergils's ice melted all over again. "Thank you, Sir. And thank you, Stranger." She dipped into a mock curtsy.

Vergil grinned, the foreign expression that made a home on his face when he was with his red headed girl. "You are quite welcome." The air smelled of smoke and Vergil pointed towards the sky. "Time for fireworks, midnight."

As soon as he finished the sky lit up. Mia gasped, bouncing excitedly. "Did you see that?"

Vergil looked up at the lit sky as more went up, he resisted saying 'well, duh!' and smiled instead, "Yes, I saw it."

She turned, beaming at him and holding his hand, "Happy New Year, Vergil!"

He smiled back, heart warm and truly happy. "Happy New Year, Mia."

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