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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 6of13

Thank you all so much for the reveiws, you have no idea how much it means to me. So, here you all are.

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Vergil leaned against the kitchen frame with a smug look on his face. The cook, Mrs. Gabby stared at him in wonder. "Of course you can have the day off, cher."

Mia beamed at her before throwing her arms around the portly woman. "Thank you thank you thank you! I need to get dressed, be back in just a second!" Mia ran half way upstairs before running all the way back to throw her arms around a shocked Vergil and running off again.

Mrs. Gabby pinned him with a hard look. "She's a good girl, that one. You'll be taking good care of her." Vergil gave the necessary nod to her useless threat. 
"How did you ever convince her to take a break?"

Vergil passed a small smile. "In my studies I have became a master of multiple persuasion techniques."

Mrs. Gabby looked displeased by what he was implying, as he expected, but wisely kept her comments to herself.

Vergil's gaze swung to the staircase in the kitchen to see Mia come down looking like an angel. Half of her hair was pulled back by a silver clip that was her mother's or grandmother's. Her dress was a baby blue that brought out her gorgeous eyes. She wore a white coat that came to her thighs, the collar and arms holes lined with fur. His snow angel.


He felt like a teenager on his first date… actually this would be his first real date, usually women were simply for carnal pleasures. He nodded.

Mrs. Gabby tsked at him, "Leave the sword, you'll scare everyone and make the evening tense."

Vergil glanced down at Yamato in his left hand, he hadn't even thought about taking or leaving it, he grabbed it out of habit. "Oh." He could easily take care of most demons without his sword, it would just get a tab bit more bloody. "One second." He vanished, using demon skills he had picked up from vigorous training. He reappeared to see a series of shocked faces. They knew he was a demon already, what was the shock?

Mia laughed, "You could have kept it, I know you don't like to go anywhere without it." She was so considerate.

He pulled her to the door, "I doubt we will have any issues."

Mia showed him the city and Vergil realized just how single-minded he was. All he cared about was finding the right books and ever since, finding the inn. The city was quite a bit larger than he realized. She took him to her favorite book stores and to meet everyone she knew… which felt like everybody. Vergil could tell he put these people on edge, smell their worry.

"Are you going to the festival come dawn, Mia?" The old antique store worker asked, 'discretely' moving her away from Vergil's side. Out of maliciousness he put an arm around Mia's shoulders.

Mia smiled up at him, the shop keeper forgotten in her mind and the ulterior motives forgotten from his.


"What?" She turned back to the keeper who released his Mia's hand, "Oh yes! I am taking Vergil, I am sure it has been years since he has gone to one."

The shop keeper looked unpleased as Mia waved, pulling him out of the store. I occurred to Vergil that he should remove his arm from her shoulders but it also occurred to him how perfect she felt.

"My mother used to take Dante and I to the New Year's Festival every year, we used to win her as many things as possible, more as a competition between ourselves."

Mia smiled up at him. "They mean a lot to you."

Vergil was shocked, "Excuse me?" Everyone assumed the twins had both hated each other with a passion.

"Your mom and brother, you love them both a lot."

"What makes you say that?"

Mia looked up to the sky, slightly smiling. "Whenever you have a good memory, it's them you think of. You obviously hold your mom in very high regard. 
Although you say bad things about your brother you still think of him often, remembering good times like you wish you could go back. Plus," she turned to him, "you said you were getting power to protect yourself and him."

He gave her a smile, "I guess I did say that, but we can never go back. We are at war with each other and I am afraid he hates me now. Dante was never one to look at both sides of an argument."

"Why are you at war?"

Vergil cringed, going into a memory he preferred to leave unsaid. "When we were young my mother was killed by demons. We hid Dante away but they were so strong." Vergil let his arm fall from Mia's shoulders and he looked at his hands, seeing his mother's blood. "They slaughtered her and I-I was powerless to stop them. No matter how hard I fought-" He shook his head clearing it. "I need more power. I need to never feel so weak again and actually be able to protect who I care for. To do that I need the demons. Dante wants revenge on demons. Last time I checked up on him he was a freelance demon hunter. We are forever fighting for the opposite side."

"I am so sorry, Vergil. You'll be together one day, just take the time to help heal him, you'll find it heals you too." She winked at him. They walked onto an arched bridge over a small river, standing at the top, against the rail. The scene looked like it was off of a postcard.

"When I was young my mother told us that one day we would fall in love. 
Naturally I scoffed, not with a human I was sure," Mia passed him a haughty look of being playfully offended, "Likewise Dante was sure he would never touch a 'slimy demon'. Mother said blood didn't determine who we were and we were especially exempt. We could go either way, she told us, because we were demon and human." His voice was flat, obviously annoyed with that fact. "She lied of course. Both of us were tormented for being neither. We couldn't fit in anywhere. Dante once told me that it was better that way, that when we finally found the love Mother spoke of then we knew it would be real, for who we are.

He is left alone, when I left it never occurred to me that he would have no one in the world. I was so focused on protecting him that I hurt him more than any demon ever could." He looked down at her, pain in his eyes. "We need each other but are forever being kept away from each other."

"Vergil…" Mia whispered, taking his face in her hands, she pulled him down, standing on her tip-toes to kiss him.

Instantly Vergil took the distraction, putting all of his passion into a kiss for a human, for his Mia. His arms closed around her, pulling him to his chest, feet off the ground before sliding her onto the bridge railing in front of him. He smiled at her squeak of surprise and moaned as her arms clung to his broad shoulders for support. He growled into her mouth, giving her chills. Vergil nipped at her lips as she let out a 'yip'. He drew blood. He eyes flashed red at the taste, claws extending, he tried to concentrate. Blood means she is hurt. Blood means she is hurt.

"Well that look is certainly terrifying." Mia let out a little laugh, not nearly as scared as she should be. She trusted him.

Vergil looked down at her, still holding her lower back for support as she sucked on her lips, the bleeding soon stopped. He did not have quite so much faith in himself as she did, he finally got his eyes and nails back to normal.

"The sun has set, we can head to the festival now!"

Vergil smiled at her before nodding and lifting her back off the railing and onto the floor. "Lead the way." He knew where it was, could smell the gathering of people and the different booths but she seemed so pleased to show him new things. He found himself trying to make her happy.

Mia laughed and Vergil smiled as they visited every booth and talked to nearly every person. "Care to try your luck?"

Mia looked over at the booth for shooting, "I want to try!" Vergil, used to this, let himself be pulled along.

"Three tries, Missy, hit the cans."

Mia stuck her tongue out a little in concentration, then shot, almost hitting the booth man who was on the far side. She missed totally each time.

"No worries, Mia. Guns are barbaric weapons. No man of honor uses them in a fight." Again his thoughts turned to Dante who loved his guns almost as much as Vergil loved his swords.

"Do you say that because you can't use 'em?"

Vergil scoffed, trying not to raise to the offer. Mia could use one more Christmas present. Vergil picked up the gun, facing Mia he shot three quick shots, never bothering to look. "I will show you how to shoot if you would like."

The booth man was flabbergasted. "Y-You never even looked! That's impossible! What are you?"

Vergil turned a hard glare at him. "The winner of your game. Now give the girl the promised prize." Vergil was not one to mess with when he went into 'cold mode'. It had won him a great many of battles, allowed him to think through any situation and conquer.

Mia giggled, gathering the stuffed pink elephant and Vergils's ice melted all over again. "Thank you, Sir. And thank you, Stranger." She dipped into a mock curtsy.

Vergil grinned, the foreign expression that made a home on his face when he was with his red headed girl. "You are quite welcome." The air smelled of smoke and Vergil pointed towards the sky. "Time for fireworks, midnight."

As soon as he finished the sky lit up. Mia gasped, bouncing excitedly. "Did you see that?"

Vergil looked up at the lit sky as more went up, he resisted saying 'well, duh!' and smiled instead, "Yes, I saw it."

She turned, beaming at him and holding his hand, "Happy New Year, Vergil!"

He smiled back, heart warm and truly happy. "Happy New Year, Mia."

Awwww, warm fuzzies... Vergil actually can smile, did anyone else see that?! Sigh... I love him...

Thank you for reading!

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