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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 11of13

Vergil stayed in Grandma's old room with Mia instead of the suite he had once claimed as his. The business had picked up and they needed all of the rooms they could get, he would have to build more soon. As he stripped off his jacket and black leather vest he looked over at an also getting ready for bed Mia who hummed softly.

Mia was amazing with kids. She added extra whipped cream or special sprinkles, it was when she was happiest. "You really like children."

The red head smiled softly, "Oh yes. I have always hoped for a large family. I love the chaos and joy. How about you?"

For the first time he felt a stab of disappointment over the situation. He was a half breed, like a mule Vergil was sterile. Although he wanted to marry her he would never be able to give her the family she so desperately wanted. "I have not spent enough time with kids to know. I have always been mature for my age, despising childish antics, mostly because that was all my brother did. He played games and joked, he has never taken anything seriously. I do not think I would do well with children. I can't have any anyway."

"Oh. Well, I think you would do much better than you think." She was convinced of it but the fact he couldn't get her pregnant was an obvious disappointment.

They have been involved for quite a while now and it was no secret they shared a bed as lovers. Vergil had no idea when or how to propose to her. After that bit of shared information he wasn't sure if he should do that to her. She wanted the one thing he could not give her. Tomorrow he would talk to Mrs. Gabby and ask her what she thinks.

"Mrs. Gabby?" Vergil asked. Mia had gone to the store for supplies after much prodding.

The weathered woman turned to him, whipping her hands on her apron. Vergil held out the ring as explanation and that was all that was needed. She gasped 
"Oh Vergil! That's beautiful! I knew you were going to propose! When? How?"

Vergil shrugged, tucking the ring back into his pocket. He was nervous. "I don't know. That's why…. Well, I have a few ideas but-"

As he drifted off Mrs. Gabby smiled. "Alright, tell me what you're thinking."
By the time Mia returned they had the whole event planned. It took his idea, speaking out loud and the love of Mia to send the ball rolling. The whole process was so much easier than he thought it would be.

"But will she say yes?"

As soon as the question was asked to door opened to reveal an annoyed Mia. Instantly she set the few groceries on the table and sat on his lap, hugging him. "Gah! People have no notion of productivity!"

As Mia snuggled to his chest Vergil found his arms wrapped around her. Mrs. Gabby gave him a look, saying he already knew the answer to his question.
Vergil had asked Mia on a date, New Years had come around again. This time he was there for the Christmas laughter and the warm memories despite the snow. On New Years, on the bridge, under the fireworks. That is where he had the whole proposal planned. He even bought new clothes for the occasion; he really should have bought more clothes a while ago but hadn't seen the need.

Vergil buttoned the nice long sleeved dark blue silk shirt, over his black slacks. He had bought Mia a new dress too, It was a thick white dress, accented with dark blue that matched his shirt.

Seeing her dressed like that left him stunned. She had always looked like an angel in his opinion but she looked so amazing!

Noticing his gaze, Mia blushed, he made her feel so desirable.

Vergil led the way. They walked, like they did the first time she took him into town. People were much more… used to him. He couldn't say they were exactly comfortable with his presence but the fear had ebbed.

Vergil took her to dinner first, at a fine restaurant. There wasn't any uncomfortable tension like their first date but he still found himself nervously fiddling.

After dinner they had drifted through the festival grounds. Vergil won her a stuffed animal and helped her with the games she, laughingly, had a hard time with. As Vergil led her out of the festival before the fireworks she had looks at him curiously. "I want to go somewhere." He answered.

They held hands, walking through the lightly falling snow. He brought her to the top of the small bridge, tucking her in his arms and under his chin.

They sat there in silence a while before Vergil smelt the hint of smoke and took the ring from his pocket. Then he almost dropped it as the first fire work went off, lighting up Mia's excited face. He was supposed to fall graciously to one knee and present the ring to her with a speech. Instead Vergil was able to finally get to one knee, causing Mia to look at him curiously. "Mia, I-" He fumbled with the damned ring again before holding it up, feeling nervous and a blush creep to his cheeks. "I, uh, marry me?" He had blurted it out. Abrupt and definitely not romantic. Damnit.

Mia's eyes widened, the barest hint of surprise covered by the most sincere happiness he had ever seen. She fell to the ground to hug him. "Yes yes yes!"

Mia laughed all the way home, clinging to his arm. Vergil was so frustrated with himself. What a bumbling idiot he was! He completely ruined the moment. But she was so happy that she fed his excited heart.

Mrs. Gabby had set up a party, as planned and all of their friends were at the Inn when they arrived. Well, they were mostly Mia's friends but generally claimed Vergil as well. They waited in excited anticipation for Mia to tell but she was laughing too hard and Vergil was too caught up in watching her.

Mrs. Gabby finally spoke up, no longer able to stand the happy tension. "We'll take that as a yes, congratulations my Dear." Then she looked to Vergil as the crowd swam to Mia, talking happily and congratulations. "Well?"

Vergil growled, raking a hand though his hair. "Ugh, it went terrible! All was going well before I actually asked then I just blurted it out like a dumb ass!"

Mrs. Gabby just rolls her eyes and looks to Mia, "She doesn't seem to be bothered by your poor performance."

Vergil followed her gaze and smiled, "No, she doesn't."

Vergil and Mia lay in bed, celebrating their new engagement. She clasped their hands and raised them up towards the ceiling. "This is the most beautiful ring."

"It was Eva's."

"Your mom's?"

Vergil smiled, "Yes, my mom. My father had infused it with powerful protection magic in case there was an attack. He also gave it the power to hide our presence. Demons won't be able to find me just because they catch a wiff."

Mia didn't look as pleased as he would have thought. "But what about Dante, aren't you hoping he'll come looking for you one day?"

Had Vergil been hoping that? "Well, if Dante truly wanted to find me, this ring would do little to prevent it. There is something we can just feel. Once he gets his head out of his ass, please excuse the vulgarity, then he will know that I am on Earth and very much alive."

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