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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tipped Hats and Curtsies

Welcome all!

As this is my first post in my (attempt of a) blog, I shall begin with formal introductions.

I am Majesty, a Creationist (a compulsive creator). I am currently 22, born September 21, 1992, going to college to become a secondary art teacher (high school), writing my first official novel and an artist.

Mini Rant/Off-Thoughts:
While on the subject, I have an off view of the word "Artist". Anyone can be an artist, it doesn't mean that you have natural born skill or any real talent, but you have passion, the rest can (mostly) be learned. I have to remind myself of this definition often because I very picky about what I consider 'Professional Artwork". But you don't have to be a professional to be called an artist. I battle with myself often, but it is unimportant. I rather the term "Creationist".

I am single, always have been (a sad, unexplained fate), I live in an apartment with my sister (also 22) and (as of Christmas) my brother (almost 21).

I am casually blunt, though I try not to hurt anyone's feelings I fear that I do. I hold myself and others to a high standard and work well with people.

As I am a little too open, feel free to ask any questions.

~Her Majesty, the King

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