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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 2of13

Chapter two-oooo! Anyway, I realized I had two short chapters... like 200 words, which is just wrong to post seperately, so I merged chapter 2 and 3. Yes, yes, bravo. But it messes up my numbering .
Again, thank you for reading and comments are welcome.
And we begin!

Vergil flipped through another book, only half absorbing what it said. Flaming hair and contrasting blue eyes filled his thoughts. He should have killed her, for nothing else but peace of mind.

The half demon rarely gave himself the time to sleep but he knew he needed a rest, he felt himself growing wary. As he set down the book and stepped outside he knew where he was headed. It would be nice to have a warm bed for once. And who knows, maybe he'd find another Inn along the way, before the Spitfire's place...

Vergil found his feet stopping in front of the large door to a little inn that was really much too low class for someone like him. The two Inns he passed along the way were only alittle better. He thought of the four star resturant attactched to one of them. Vergirl shook his head and pushed it open anyway.

His red-headed human had her long hair braided now, tied with a black ribbon. At the sound of the bell announcing him. She called, not turning around as she set down a plate of food at a table in a café section."One second!"

Vergil stood with trained patience, as the smells hit him he suddenly realized how long it had been since he ate... and how he preferred to see her hair free and framing her face.

She finally turned to him, the smile she already had grew, lighting up her beautiful face. It was no wonder his father fell prey to the creatures. He, however, would never do the same. "You came! I though you might not, you had me worried!" She laughed, walking over to him, "I'm Mia by the way."
Vergil nodded, his voice escaping him.

She continued, undaunted. "Your room is this way. Are you hungry? You can eat now or after you've settled."

She liked to talk, he noticed. He also noticed he liked to listen to her. She led him upstairs to a door with the number 18 on it in gold. "This is our best suite. Judging by your cloths I would say you have fine tastes so I reserved this for you." She winked playfully, pushing open the door.

"How kind." The words came out much less dry than they normally would have. Mia handed him the key and left him to get settled. When was the last time anyone had been so friendly to him. After a bit of thought he decided: Never. Maybe Dante had been 'nice' but despite their deep connection there was always a fierce rivalry that eclipsed any kindness towards each other. She was strange, this freckled human, he thought as he laid his coat over the back of a chair.

After a small while Vergil grabbed Yamato, more of habit than real thought of safety, and headed downstairs to eat. He came to the bottom of the stairs and found himself watching her, Mia, laugh with every customer. Not his laugh, the one that lit up her face, but close. He mentally chided himself. Nothing of this human, especially her laugh, was his. He would have to keep more of a distance.

Mia turned, noticing him, her face lit and Vergil ignored the feeling of resolve crumble. "You can sit here, Stranger." She laughed, leading him to a back table. He liked this spot, being able to see the entire room, including the doors. "I'll bring out some food, anything specific?"

"Anything hot." He said, voice low as he scanned the room for the umpteenth time out of habit. It was cold out and he got many stares from the small group of costomers but he was used to that, he was half-demon after all.

"Coming right up!"

An hour later Vergil had finished the roast stew Mia had brought him and slipped on the hot tea. He watched as everyone slowly went off to bed, leaving Mia to wipe off tables.

"It is almost two in the morning, why are you still working?"

She looked startled to hear him speak to her but it quickly fled. "I work here to help my grandmother, she raised me. Lately Grandma has been sick so I took over some extra shifts."

Vergil silently grabbed the extra washcloth out of the bucket of cleaning water Mia had left in the middle of the room and cleaned off his already spotless table, he wasn't sloppy as to make a mess, and the ones around it. If he liked anything it was to have things clean and orderly.

"You don't have to do that, Stranger. Thank you." Her voice was soft from tiredness.

"Either way, now all of the tables are wiped off. Go to bed." He tossed the rag back into the water and grabbed Yamato while straightening his already perfect vest and heading upstairs, only glancing down to see her following his order.

(Okay, rereading this, it sounds a little juvenile but I wrote it forever ago. I'll probably edit or revamp later.)

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