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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 5of13

Let's note this occasion, shall we? Waiting for water to boil for dinner and I unsuspectingly check my email and start to squeal. NOT ONLY do I have FIVE Followers (Kinda makes me feel like a Warlord, eh? Haha.) but ALSO! Two, count em, TWO reveiws. I officially love you all. No joke.
Seriously though, last chapter I made a comment about how I was not sure if my characters are bonding in a way people can feel and the two reviews both made me feel very good about that. Thank you.
On another, yet similar note, I am a pretty open person and I am willing to work with you guys. I meant it, if you would like to see a scene or have any ideas, feel free to let me know. If you're shy PM me. If you notice problems or anything, I won't get offended. Really, not that sensitive, guys.
ONWARD! (Get it? Another Warlord reference, muwahaha.)

When Vergil woke up he was lying on his back with Mia's head on his naked chest, one arm was wrapped around her and the other hand was holding her's next to her face, over his abs. He liked this woman much more than he cared to say.

When Mia woke up Vergil was gone, only to find a rose on his pillow, next to her. She instantly missed him. Every time he left she felt like she was eternally waiting for him, like she needed him there with her.

Weeks passed and Vergil found himself in another town, another library in his same monotonous search. Vergil growled, shoving a book back on the shelf. 
Mia's words wouldn't leave him alone. Would he stop after gaining all of the power of Sparda? No, she was right, if he found a way to get more he would never stop. He had been gone not two weeks and already wanted to go back to her. Damnit.

He sighed, looking at the massive amounts of books. His search had reached a standstill. Maybe a week or two off would do some good.

Vergil quietly finished his tea at his usual table. He caught Mia's gaze as she checked in another guest. She smiled at him before turning back to the insignificant human and lead him down a hall to a room.

Mia calmly walked back, waving one last time before gathering the fabric of her dress and running towards the main room, around the rail and slamming her hands on Vergil's table, leaning over. His eyes drifted to her now exposed cleavage, "You mean it! Two whole weeks!"

He chuckled, setting his cup down. "More or less."

She straitened and spun, "Wow, are things going well then?"

"Hardly, I would not have the time or patience to stay long if I was on to something."

She looked down, bangs trying to conceal her beaming smile. "I am sorry to hear that."

He snorted, "I can see that." Mia giggled going back to wiping tables as Vergil left to wash his cup in the kitchen. He came back to see her hips slightly swaying to the music coming out of the juke box, her bare feet silently played out steps as she danced to the next table.

Mia spun to see him leaning against the door frame of the kitchen, lightly smiling at her with his strong bare arms folded over her chest. Mia's cheeks flames as she offered a smile and turned to put her full attention on washing the last table.

Vergil walked to her, silent. When she spun to put her washcloth in the bucket she ran into his chest, his arms instantly closed around her.

"Oh! Sorry," she said laughing, straightening in his arms, "I'm such a klutz."

His hand slipped in hers, tossing the washcloth from her fingers and tossing it over his shoulder into the bucket without ever taking his eyes off hers. His other hand captured her waist. "For such a klutz you seemed to be a natural at dancing."

He moved with her, spinning and swaying. Usually he would never do something like this but he felt open with her. Where others were cautious, Mia smiled. She made him feel normal but important. When she talked to him only he existed.
Vergil almost laughed aloud at the thought of his brother seeming him like this. 
Dante insisted he was cold-hearted and was repulsed by the idea of fun. Vergil smiled as Mia burst into a fit of giggled as he spun her three times, falling into his chest.

"Oh my, dizzy." She glowed.

He gazed down at her as she composed herself, "Do you ever take a day off?"

Mia looked surprised at his question. "No, my grandmother needs my help so I help."

"Christmas was not to long ago, did you have the day off then?" He vaguely recalled seeing the people of the town he was in celebrating. He should have brought another present.

"No, I was needed." She stood for herself, keeping her hands on his chest.

"But I'll wager everyone else had the night off." He felt himself getting angry.

"We were all relaxing together. It is time for bed." She smiled at him, stepping away. "Good night, Stranger."

Vergil caught her hand, "Take tomorrow off."

"Tomorrow's New Year Eve, We'll be busy."

"And the other workers can handle it, take tomorrow off."

She bit her full bottom lip in thought, setting Vergil's body on fire. "Alright, I'll try."

Vergil grinned, he smiled a real smile for the first time since his mother died. He dragged a protesting Mia back to his reserved bedroom, grabbing Yamato along the way.

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