Fancy Meeting You Here...

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Day 1 of 365 Days of Creativity: Introduction

This is my first picture! I'm sorry the quality is not that great... my scanner is being a butt so this is actually a picture I've taken from my phone.
These are my Minis. I designed them in high school because I don't really like the look of "chibis" but wanted a simplified representation.
So! On the very right, spazing out is Brandon, then Elizabeth then me. Now a little explaination. My shadow is a boy...who is a bit scary... The story is when I was in the womb my cord split so I was supposed to be a twin. Over the years, because of my traits we have decided it should have been a boy (the development didn't get anywhere as the cord merged). So my brother says I ate my twin. It used to hurt my feelings but I'm over it. Embrace it! But being taken over would make anyone angry, thus, he is scary looking... my fear and shadow. He is Hollow.

Style Change- try your character in 2 other styles! Have fun!!
Style changing practice will most likely be for the next few days, it is insightful practice.


Happy New Years!

Well hello my Pretty Dandelions,
It is officially 2015. The start of the new year AND the first day of our 365DaysOfCreation Project. The first day's theme is Introductions. I'll upload my little drawing in a minute but for now-

I realize it is super blurry, my bad. I have more sugar in my veins than blood so I shake. Woops.
Anyway, I'm the pasty one on the left, my sister Elizabeth is in the middle and my brother Brandon is the guy to the right.