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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 10of13

Vergil was gone exactly one month, he couldn't have stayed away longer if he wanted to. During the month he had two main objectives:

One) get the enemies he had made, and there were a lot of them, and get them off his trail. Permanently if possible.

Two) Get his mother's ring. Eva hid it, leaving her sons clues. The ring was special, first of all it was his mother's ring. What was more sentimental than that? Second, his father, Sparda, infused the ring with many different kinds of magic. That was what had kept them hidden for so long.

He found it. The emotion at seeing it again nearly overwhelmed him, but in true Vergil-Form he squashed down the emotions, heading back to the woman, the human woman who he was in love with.

Vergil entered the inn, tense. Something seemed very… off. As soon as he stepped in he noticed Mrs. Gabby in the kitchen through the doorway to his left. 
She looked up, green eyes widening before waving him over, rushing to pull him to the kitchen.

"Mr. Vergil there is really something you need to know-"

Vergil's demon senses picked up Mia's voice- "Look, I am sure you are a very nice man but-"

"I'm your only chance. You are very poor, I don't know WHAT you did to get the money for the few repairs, you have nothing but this old rundown place and… between you and me, everyone knows you are, uh, not exactly deserving of a white gown."

Mia let out a shocked noise of disgust. "Get lost, I already have someone… I, uh, what are you- Hey!"

Instantly Vergil's eyes went red, claws lengthening. He vanished, locking on to 
Mia and planting himself between her and a horrid human.

Then man had dull brown eyes that were devouring Mia through her clothes. Vergil lunged, pinning the weak creature to the wall as the wood cracked under the pressure.

"Vergil!" Mia screamed, running to them and pulling on his arm. "Vergil stop! 
You'll be hunted if you kill him! Let him go!"

Her words barely reached him, slowly he crushed the throat of the toad trying to steal his Mia!

"Don't leave me for some lowlife!" Tears fell down her cheeks as the man's face turned eight shades of purple. "Please!"

Vergil tensed, trying to reclaim sense. She was right; they let him stay because, here, he was peaceful. There would be hunters and mobs, Mia would loose all of her customers so there would be no money and the workers, including her, would suffer. Vergil released the man, dropping him to a heap on the floor. 
"Leave." His eyes still shining red, his voice demonic. The man shivered before attempting to push himself off of the floor and scurry out of the door.

The half demon was still glaring at the door, considering a few clean slices with Yamato when Mia threw her arms around him, burying her head in the crook of his shoulder.

"Who was he?" His voice was cold, the usual tone for anyone but her.

"I knew him when I was young. He's been trying to marry me for years. A bit ago I started to cave. No one else would want me." Vergil tensed under her arms but she finished anyway. "Then about a year ago I refused him instead of putting it off like before. He was rather unhappy and has been more and more persistent." Mia's large blue eyes looked up at him. "Sorry?" She tried a small smile.

Vergil stared at her in silence, his temper now contained. She looked so uncomfortable that he wanted to make her feel better. "So what happened a year ago?" He smirked, cocky.

She glared. "Oh I just met some conceited demon who left every other day so I would miss him." She said, shrugging and trying to step back.

His arms tightened, keeping her pinned to his chest. "Oh? What an ass." Vergil whispered, their lips millimeters apart.

"You have no idea." She smiled, leaning in to him. She mumbled into his lips, "I missed you, Stranger."

Over the past year that Vergil has been on again/ off again, more and more 'on again' lately, business has boomed quite a bit. The lure of seeing a 'demon in captivity' enticed them. When Mrs. Gabby had told him about the rumor there was a good moment of silence before Vergil almost snorted in laughter.

It was true though. More and more people stayed at Mia's inn then a more 'high class inn' further into the city. By now Vergil was almost always helping instead of sitting at his table, which he still did on occasion. The customers would stare at him, most did so very bluntly. They gawked but he never allowed pictures, he refused to be some zoo animal and was already having trouble keeping his patience. They kept their children far away. That was fine with him, he was never good with children anyway.

Mia walked in the kitchen, one hand on her hip the other, pressing a silver serving tray against her thigh. She was angry. "Hey Stranger, the lady at table 
three asked for you." Again!

Vergil smiled, for some reason it made him inexplicitly happy to see her jealous. He walked out to an extremely attractive woman. She tried to make her voice sexy. She just sounded stupid. She flipped her blonde hair back and all he could think is that it was the wrong color. Vergil side-stepped away from the hand she was about to caress his arm with as she asked his opinion.

Vergil headed to the kitchen to deliver her order, repressing a shutter when he noticed Mia. She was trying not to look at him. He smiled before heading over to give her a long kiss.

"H-Hey there, Stranger." Mia whispered, dazed. "What was that for?"

"I just wanted to taste you." Then he left to deliver the order. After that Mia's mood was considerably happier.

I'm not sure I like this chapter, I should probably just take it out...

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