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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 4of13

I'll be honest and say I have a problem with the character's connections to each other. I'm not sure how to make the emotional ties apparent besides "Hey there, sexy." Yeah. That's deep. Eye roll. So if you have any suggestions for another scene or anything to improve on let me know :)

As everyone left Mia waved cheerful goodbyes, despite the time. Vergil waited as she turned to him. "Thank you for everything, Vergil. Did you want me to take you to your room?" She had already started towards the staircase when he stopped her.

"Humans give gifts on birthdays." She turned to him as he removed a box from his jacket pocket. "This is for you."

"But you already do so much!" She started shaking her head, "I can't take it!"

Vergil already opened the box and pulled the necklace out of it before stepping closer, her face an inch from his chest and he clasped it. "Take it, this will protect you." He had placed a spell on it before, giving her mild protection.

Suddenly they noticed how close they were. Mia held the necklace in her hands, looking up at his with her blue eyes shining and red hair hanging loose around her, speechless, a first for her. Vergil found himself leaning down to capture her lips and found her lifting to meet him instead of pulling away.

The kiss was sweet and passionate, devouring and healing. By the time Vergil released Mia she had her hands on his broad shoulders, if he stepped back she would have fell into a puddle on the ground, breathless.

"Come sleep on my bed, I cannot sleep knowing you are in a chair." Noticing her hesitation he added, "I will not touch you tonight." Although it will be damned hard not to. Weakly Mia nodded and Vergil led her upstairs. He barely remembered to grab Yamato.

By the time he opened the door to the room Mia was nervous, he could smell it and when he looked down her face was flushed and the hand he wasn't holding was pressed against her chest. "I said I wouldn't do anything, you've no need to worry."

She nodded, "Yeah, I trust you, but, I mean, if you did want to do something there would be no way I could stop you-"

Vergil rolled his eyes at her rambling. Yes, if he wanted to do something she would be powerless to stop him. That was why he disliked humans, the creatures had no strength, they couldn't protect anything. They were useless. For some reason he felt ashamed, having those thoughts around her, it had never bothered him before. Humans disgusted him, they always had. Yet every time he looked at the girl crawling into bed he felt warm inside.

He shouldn't have done this. She was obviously just fine sleeping in her chair. Vergil was suddenly worried that he wouldn't control himself. Her smell overwhelmed him. He had taken lovers before and the thought of her gorgeous hair splayed across his bed, tangling around him without him taking her, that was difficult to imagine. From her reaction to his kiss she would put up little resistance and would even want him.

Vergil watched as she took off the jacket and vest/corset she had on over her tank top style long dress from her position on the bed. He briefly wondered how many lovers she had before and his temper flared, he quickly clamped the emotion down.

The white haired half demon set Yamato on the chair off to the side and stripped off his blue leather trench coat, then his black vest, leaving him topless. He sat on the edge of the bed, fully aware of Mia's gaze on him as he removed his boots and socks.

"I didn't know that about your parents. Were they in love?"

Vergil ground his teeth, neatly placing his boots by the chair. "So the story goes."

"You don't remember?"

Vergil turned to face her, trying to calmly show her he did not wish to speak about it through his attitude and expression, he didn't want to just ignore her. 
"Sparda left when I was when I was just a small boy. Eva died when we were still relatively young. Their story is of legend, it has never happened before. A demon as powerful as the great Sparda giving away everything because of a human," He shook his head, unable to grasp the concept. "because he fell in love. It is a ridiculous notion."

Mia watched as he climbed into his side of the bed and followed suit, unable to let it go. "I think it's romantic." Silence passed for a few minutes. "Do you think your father was weak?"

The question was quiet but he heard it clearly. Vergil turned to face her. She looked like an angel, her hands were tucked neatly underneath her head, she looked afraid to insult him. Not for her safety as most people feared him for but afraid to hurt him. The idea was laughable but touching. "No, Sparda had unimaginable strength. He was weak for giving it up for a human."

"You've never been in love."

Her assumed statement put him on edge. "No, what makes you so sure though?"

"Love is not weak. I've seen it, my grandparents and parents were in love."

"What happened?"

"My grandfather was killed in a war and my mother was killed when I was young by a demon attack. My dad died of grief soon after. There has never been a couple more in love."

"Your father left his child because he was so in 'love', that is weakness."

Mia laughed, "No, I understood. It was wrong of him and I was bitter for a while after but I turned out just fine, wouldn't you say?"

"I suppose." Vergil was still angry at the thought of a father leaving his child. At least when his own father left they still had their mother.

Mia laughed again, bringing him out of his thoughts. "Well thank you. So are there others like you?"

"There is only one other half demon that I know of."

"Do you know them? Is it a girl or boy?" She started to sit up, excited.

"Yes I know him. He is my twin brother, Dante."

Mia's mouth dropped before a slow grin made its way across her face. "You're a twin? I've never seen twins! Does he look just like you? Who's older? Do you get along? Do you read each other's thoughts or act the same?"

Vergil gave a light smile, an extreme rarity for him. She was now fully sitting up, the light from the fireplace dancing across her skin and hair. "Calm down, yes we look the same. Let's see here, we act very different, I am the older one. When we were young we used to be able to…know each other. I could not read his exact thoughts, I just knew them. We were inseparable; my mother couldn't remove one of us from the crib without the other throwing a fit."

"Amazing! Could I meet him? Why aren't you with him?"

Vergil placed a finger over her soft, full mouth, cutting off a string of questions. "I am afraid you will not be able to meet him. We no longer talk or see each other. He believes I am dead."

Mia looked devastated. "Oh I am so sorry! Do you know where he is? He must be crushed!"

"I doubt it." He said bitterly. "Dante and I ended badly. I do not know where he is but he would be easy enough to find, he has never exactly been discrete." 
Vergil pictured his loud brother, he wondered what Dante would think of Vergil showing up on his doorstep. He would almost undoubtedly try to kill him.

"You should find him, Vergil. Family is important."

"I will, I have no doubt of that. When I become as strong as my father I will be strong enough to protect him."

"Do you really think you will stop there? You will just find a more powerful goal, it'll never stop and those around you are suffering."
Vergil sighed, "Go to sleep, Mia."

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