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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are You Ready?

Holy craps, you guys! You know what I just realized? Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! That means I need to ACTIVELY plan my 365DaysOfCreation!

Seriously though, I am super bad at dates... It's embarrassing.

Also! You know what I wish they had? A "View first post" thing on blogs. (It shouldn't be that hard because there is usually an archive sitting pretty over there but I was on Veronica Varlow's Danger Diary blog and she didn't HAVE an archive... and she has posted for a very long time so since i have to read from first to last this whole process of getting to her first post was extremely taxing...

365DoC: (See that? If you abbreviate like that then it's official)

Elizabeth suggests I do something different every month. This would mean do DifferentStyleDrawings in January, MiniClayWorks in Febuary, and so on. I think this is brilliant but when the mood strikes me I don't was to not do something because it's in the wrong medium...

So the plan is to post a picture of what I did and a list of what is coming (most likely) tomorrow or for the week (or month but lets be honest, I'm not that organized). This is NOT to contradict what I said about Elizabeth's idea. I figure this is just an idea or inspiration.

(Due January 1, 2015) Introductions!
For me this means I will introduce you to My Mini, a little cartoon version of myself that I have used for years now. It is easy, just a 'getting started' Creation. If I (or you) are feeling froggy feel free to go as in depth as you want!

(Feel free to join 365 Days of Creation at any time and do whichever one inspires you or just make your own and maybe I'll do it too! I don't know if you can leave pictures in the comments but links will work too! I can't wait to see your Introductions!)

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