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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 1of13

This takes place sometime after DevilMayCry3 and before DevilMayCry1. Vergil found a way out of Hell (after the epic slash-Dante's-hand-and-fall-into-the-Abyss scene) before Mundus captured him. Also I started this BEFORE DMC:Reboot came out so I'll just continue from there.
Please feel free to leave (or message) me any comments or criticisms, this is my first published story. THANKS FOR READING!

Disclaimer: Capcom ownes Devil May Cry and its characters.

Vergil walked through the forest, searching the world for the knowledge of a way into the demon realm once again, for more of the power he so desperately craved. He needed it. Without power he could protect nothing. He could not protect Eva, his human mother or Dante, his twin brother. Dante still needed his protection and Vergil needed power to do it. He wouldn't let Dante die like all of the others. He was so tired of loosing everyone... and of anyone left alive not understanding.

Like his brother, he didn't understand. He just considered Vergil a crazed power hungry lunatic. One who 'teamed up' with the 'demons that killed their mother'. He didn't see the whole picture. Dante ran, Vergil had protected him that much, he allowed Dante the chance to get away. Unfortunately after Dante ran he blocked out the event, refused to remember his mother dying in front of him as he hid. Somehow he had seen Vergil die too. The boy was traumatized and chose to leave his life, and brother, behind. He had changed into Tony Redgrave.

Vergil rolled his eyes at the thought of his eccentric brother. Drinking, partying and murder make up the life of Dante. He had been the best hired assassin. Well he should have been as a half demon. Vergil had wanted to see him again, had wanted to understand why he forgot. He came to his brother as Gilver. The name was an enormous hint to who Vergil was and even Dante should have seen it, Vergil made it easy on purpose, testing waters.

That part of their life was over now. Dante had accepted who he was and the last time Vergil had checked he was running a poor excuse for a shop. Last he had seen Dante they had a huge fight. Vergil was on another search for power and they had a run in. Dante had assumed he was teaming with the demons and when Vergil had chose to stay in Hell, a sacrifice for Dante's sake of escape just as much as an opportunity for his own goal.

The half demon's icy blue eyes stayed closed off from the world, as they always have been. His snowy hair stayed pushed back in perfectly trained spikes that only the rain was able to conquer.

A scream interrupted his determined thoughts of finding the information he desperately sought, interrupted the memories he found were distracting him once again. Vergil turned to see a fire haired angel running from demons. Not there was such a thing as angels anymore but the human could easily pass as one. His icy eyes followed their movements as they started across his path.

"Leave me alone, you cretins!"

She had spirit. Vergil resisted a smile. Emotion was weakness, therefore he worked on keeping all emotion from him at all times. He released Yamato from it's sheath killing the demons without the blade ever being seen, returning the sharp weapon to it's home before the demons even realized they were dead. Legends say his Yamato was sharp enough to cut through Dimensions.

The woman stopped, huffing heavily and turned to Vergil, relief painted her face. "Oh thank you! I tried throwing rocks but that did little good." The red haired beauty patted down her dress, taking the demon encounter astonishingly well. Her blue eyes obviously showed annoyance at being chased but it was apparent she didn't like to dwell on the negative things in life. She was among few in that category.

Vergil begrudgingly found her, a weak human, intriguing. Maybe it was they shining blue eyes of hers. "Of course. They were demons, it should take more than rocks." He forced himself to walk past her, long coat flowing behind him. Vergil hated humans, it was a known fact, they were weak, unintelligible and limited.

She was instantly by his side, albeit nearly jogging to keep up. Vergil felt his level of annoyance, and some unknown combating emotion, raise and at this rate she wouldn't last long. Not that humans naturally lasted long anyway. "Well, I thank you again. Where are you headed, Stranger? I can offer a meal and a place to sleep, assistance maybe?" She asked.

"I need no assistance from a weak human."

She stopped, hands on hips, angrily before catching up again. "Well fine then!"
Still she followed him. Vergil bit back a groan, he did not have time to play babysitter and vaguely wanted the demons to come after her again. "I am looking for the library. There is something I need to research."

The city came into sight as they cleared the forest. She smiled and Vergil resisted looking at her, her blue eyes lit up and he was oddly happy to please her. While his were icy and cool, her eyes were vibrant and full of life and smiles. Vergil mentally shook himself, quickly squashing the feeling. "See? Wasn't that easy? I can show you where it is. Where are you staying?"

"I can find my own way." He had a need to stay with her, talk and get to know her. Naturally that meant he would have to leave her as fast as possible.
She jogged faster to keep up with him as he picked up pace, "But then I wouldn't have returned the favor. Look, I work at that inn over there." She pointed at a small building at the edge of the forest, realizing he wasn't going to let her help. "Your stay is free as a thank you."

The girl stopped, out of breath and heading to the inn, and Vergil left her there, searching for the library.

Oh my, my first chapter, how exciting! Any comments, did I do alright? I have my sister read my stories but her critisicm comes in: "I like it." and "It was good!" *insert charming smile*. I love her but sometimes...
Seriously though, anything helps, even if its a smile. Now I'm going to stop ranting, it's starting to make me feel pathetic :P


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