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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vergil'sHuman 7of13

By the end of the first week Vergil felt at home. That thought scared him so he chose not to think about it. He pulled Mia into fiery kisses and then to bed. They never had sex but they always woke up to her curled against him in some way and he loved it.

He was supposed to see Mia's grandmother that day, although he would never admit it, he was nervous. He took extra care dressing that morning.

"Come in, dear boy, don't be shy!"

He was cautious and polite, not shy, still he followed her orders and came inside to where she lay on her bed.

"I hear you and my Mia are very close, eh?"

She was his Mia but Vergil chose not to comment, nodding instead.

"And you take very good care of her. The staff even has rumors of her taming you!"

Vergil almost laughed out loud at that before he started actually thinking about it. "I am afraid she has not tamed me, Madam, merely kept me content." And happy. "I do take care of her."

The old lady smiled, her eyes drifting closed. "I can see you care a lot for her, as she does you. In case you do not realize it before my time you have my blessing."

He was genuinely confused. "Blessing? For what?"

"For loving and marrying her."

Vergil stood shocked at the side of the bed as the old lady fell asleep. Love? He couldn't love a human. Not even Mia. But by the mere thought of her and about how he was always drawn to her, needing to see her, he realized the truth.

He, Vergil Sparda, had fallen in his father's footsteps and fell in love with a human.

God help them all.

That night Vergil wiped down tables, distractedly. Mia danced across the room, from table to table, everyone else had already went to bed. He tried to imagine never finding this place, the thought upset him, he would never see Mia, never get a reprieve from his hard life. How could he live without seeing his fiery haired angel?

Despite what Dante may think Vergil was never one for words, actions got the point across much more quickly and thoroughly. He flashed from his spot in the room to where Mia was sweeping with demonic speed. His lips captured hers in a hard kiss that lasted lifetimes.

Mia pulled away, dazed, "Well hi there, Stranger."

Vergil growled at her cute smile, carrying her up the stairs, two at a time, recapturing her eager lips. "I won't hurt you, Mia." His voice was rough, deep, as he spoke in between raining kisses down her face and neck. "Do you trust me?"

Mia moaned, arching herself up in his arms, giving him more access to her soft skin. "Of course I trust you."

Her small fingers buried into his hair, tearing a demonic growl out of him. He set her on the bed, fingers already finished unbraiding her gorgeous hair, started working on her clothes.

-SEX SCENE (A/N: Not sure if I should write this in or not... let me know)-

Mia woke up alone the next morning. Confused she turned over to find Vergil missing... and his clothes… Panic shook her as she bolted up right, sheets clutched to her chest. Her blue gaze landed on Yamato, leaning against the chair. How strange, Vergil never left his beloved sword, she smiled, it was his promise to come back.

Mia pulled on her dress, suddenly intrigued with the sword that never left Vergil's side. She reached out tentatively to brush her finger tips across the hilt.

"You shouldn't touch her." Vergil chuckled as he watched Mia jump, her reached out hand flying to her chest, where the pendent he gave her hung.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that! I could have died of a heart attack!"

Mia sat down on the bed as Vergil placed the tray he was holding in front of her, breakfast. "You called it 'her'? Why shouldn't I touch it?"

"Yes I said 'her'. Yamato is a Devil-arm. A demon spirit trapped in an object and I know for certain she is a woman." He and Dante snuck into their Father's personal Library as children. Vergil had absorbed everything he could get his hands on and told Dante of a spell that would give their weapons human form for a short period. Yamato was most certainly a woman. "That sword exists for the search of power, a normal person, or demon, could not wield such a power hungry blade. It was my father's, I have no idea what effect she would have on a human and I would prefer not to find out with you." He explained dryly.

"But you can use a weapon like that?" Mia asked, biting the cinnamon roll he brought her.

He grinned at her but it wasn't the pleasant smile she had grown used to, it was bitter. "Yes I can use such a weapon. You forget that my only goal in life is gaining the power of Sparda. I need power, my lust for it rivals her's and the blade knows it. I am its true master."

His words hurt her; she was hoping that he would find something else to live for… maybe even her. "But you're taking a break?"

He smiled at her anxious look. "Sorry, Mia, it has been two weeks and I need to return to my search for a while. I have enemies that would love nothing for than to see me with weaknesses. I can't make you my weakness."

He kissed her forehead as she pouted, "So you're leaving today?"

"Yes, but I will return soon. I have to get some eager demons off my trail before returning to you." Before returning home.

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